Flowers can brighten a person’s day, so when there’s a special occasion coming up, or even when it’s not, how better to arrange a bouquet than to make the flowers from scratch? All you need is tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors!

In this craft, your child will get lots of practice with fine motor skills. Remember that the folds don’t have to be exact for the flower to take shape and be beautiful. Watch your child enjoy making tissue flowers bloom!

What You Need:

  • Tissue paper of different colors
  • Pipe cleaners, green if you would like them to look like stems
  • Scissors for your child and for yourself

Step 1: Prep the Petals

Stack three or four sheets of tissue paper together. Use different colors within the flower for a different look. With the shorter side of the tissue paper rectangle toward you, make one-inch wide accordion folds, flipping the stack back and forth to make each fold until you have a strip of folded paper. Then cut the strip in half.

Step 2: Make the Stem

Wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around the middle of each strip. You can fold the strip to make sure the pipe cleaner is in the middle. Twist the pipe cleaner so it is secure.

Step 3: Almost There!

At each end of the strip, cut a rounded shape through the folded paper. Cutting the ends differently can result in different looks. Do a little experimenting!

Step 4: Make your flowers bloom!

Gently open up the accordion folds on one half of the strip and gently pull the top layer straight out and away from the next layer. Do the same on the other side. Continue to pull up the next layer in the same way on each side, so it surrounds the previous layer.

What can you do with the finished tissue paper flowers?

Here are just a few ideas—mostly generated by children.

  • Incorporate them into a wreath form.
  • Put them on a headband, hair clip, or ponytail holder.
  • Attach them to the handlebars of a bicycle.
  • Make a smaller one into a bracelet.
  • Form them into a ring and place around a centerpiece or the outside of a lampshade.

Ask your child how else tissue paper flowers can be used and make it happen together—and be sure to email some pix to us at