It’s easy to see how a school-aged child can get overscheduled—between all of the sports they might play, music, homework, dance lessons, martial arts, etc. But how is it possible for a toddler to get overscheduled? Typical toddler activities like trips to the park or zoo and story time at the local library won’t make your toddler overscheduled. But, if you combine full-time daycare with being carted around to all the activities of an older sibling, get ready for a meltdown.

Signs to look for…

Is your toddler suddenly acting needier than usual or lashing out in unusual ways? Are they biting or hitting other kids or siblings? These could be signs that they are frustrated.

Set 1-on-1 time with Mom & Dad

Sometimes all a toddler needs is some alone time with a parent without the interruption of another sibling, the TV, or even the other parent. Set up a regular time during the week for each parent to spend time with them. Have a special game or activity to play. Go for a walk. Read a story. Or let them choose what they’d like to do.

Give your toddler time to play alone 

A good time to establish a solo play routine is after lunch or your child’s bath when they’re feeling content. To encourage extended solo play, try introducing toys one at a time, as surrounding your child with toys could overwhelm them.

The bottom line…before you schedule one more thing for your little one, think twice.