You put your all into being the very best mom you can be, finding the fun (and the learning!) in each and every day. Being a mother is your most important job; it can be the most rewarding – and the most exhausting. This Mother’s Day, why not take a Mother’s Day Off Moment (or 10!) to relax, regroup, and renew your love for your family – and yourself!

Below are 10 ideas for some relatively quick breaks you might take on Mother’s Day or any other day, for that matter. Whether you leave home for an hour or your family heads out and you get the whole place to yourself, why not:

Take a Walk

Mother's Day Off

Around the block, the park, the shore… take your time, breathe deeply, and really see your surroundings.

Get a Pedicure

Mother's Day Off

Who doesn’t love a little professional pampering?

Browse a Bookstore

Mother's Day off

Yes, we love our libraries, but sometimes nothing beats the bookstore. Take a book home, find a cozy corner and read, read, read!

Take a Bath

Mother's Day Off

The more bubbles, the better. And don’t forget the tunes and the candles!

Hit the Park with a Magazine

Mother's Day off

And read it cover to cover! Bring a blanket and take a quick nap while you’re there.

Meet a Friend for Coffee

Mother's Day Off

Try not to talk about kids or school. Catch up until you’re ALL caught up!

Check out the Farmer’s Market

Mother's Day Off

Check out the sites, sounds, and smells and pick up a bouquet of flowers, just for you!

Catch Dinner and Movie

Mother's Day Off

Grab some popcorn and check out a new release, and it doesn’t have to be kid friendly! Can’t make it to the theater? Find one of last year’s Academy Award winners on Netflix and get lost in Hollywood for a while.

Visit a Museum

Mother's Day Off

Take the time to really appreciate the pieces at a local art gallery or museum.

Take a Class

Mother's Day Off

From pottery to yoga to pie making, find a class you’d really enjoy and delve into your hobby!


Your family appreciates everything you do for them, so take some time for yourself this Mother’s Day.

You deserve it!

Mother's Day