Hurray! Labor Day is almost here, celebrated on the first day of September for a long weekend. The national holiday honors and celebrates workers and all they have done for our country. Two great ways to recharge your battery is to spend time outside and be with family.

Not only is spending outdoors with family refreshing, but its also beneficial for the littles. In fact, “…Many of the fundamental tasks that children must achieve, such as, exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge, can be most effectively learned though outdoor play, according to UMKC School of Education’s Edgar and Rheta Berkley.

Here are 10 outdoor activities to incorporate into your Labor Day weekend, all while reaping the benefits of outdoor play.

1. Chalk Designs

Labor Day Outdoor

Chalk up pictures inspired by nature, friends or family. Get your little one moving by drawing up a game of Hop Scotch. Dip chalk in water to make chalk paint and give your artwork a different look.

2. Gardening

Labor Day Outdoor

Gardening is tons of fun for the whole family! Have your kiddo help pick weeds, children are eager and happy to help. Otherwise the process of planting new flowers or seeds is fun, rewarding, and a great learning experience.

3. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Labor Day Outdoor

An outdoor scavenger hunt is exciting and a great way to observe our outdoor environment. Make your own scavenger hunt or find one online. I especially love outdoor scavenger hunts as an excuse to walk the neighborhood.

4. Paint Outdoors

Labor Day Outdoor

On a patio or shaded area, try setting up some paints for your child. After playing in the backyard or simply painting in a new environment may inspire you and your child to paint something you saw in nature.

5. Rock Painting

Labor Day Outdoor

Have your child collect rocks and use acrylic paint do decorate them. Painted rocks can be used to label plants in your garden or hide for others in the neighborhood for a fun surprise. Involving your child in creating rock surprises shows children a way to spread joy and give gifts without always receiving.

6. Dig a Hole

Labor Day Outdoor

Sometimes setting up an activity outside is quite simple. Grab a child friendly shovel and show them an appropriate place in your yard to dig in the dirt. He can use his imagination and pretend he is looking for treasures or see how deep he can make his hole.

7. Make a Mud Pie

Labor Day Outdoor

Speaking of dirt, give your child a pie tin (disposable if possible). Have them add dirt, grass, leaves, rocks or whatever they find in nature. With a little imagination your child can have endless fun.

8. Fruit Picking Trip

Labor Day Outdoor

This one may take a little planning, but is a great experience for everyone in the family. Find a place nearby that has U-pick fruit. The process of picking fruits from a plant is exciting, makes great photo opportunities, and a delicous treat!

9. Wash the Car

Labor Day Outside

Another opportunity for your child to help! Get in your swimsuits, give your child a rag and a bucket and have them help you clean the car!

10. “Bug” Hunt

Labor Day Outside

The act of searching for lizards, dragon flies or bugs can be quite the adventure! Use an empty container or LR’s Bug Jar to get a closer look and talk about your findings.

So, there you have it, Labor Day’s top 10 outdoor activities that will bring learning outdoors and reenergize you and the family as the weekend comes to a close.