Happy National Parent’s Day!

It has often been said parenthood is the time of your life when the days are long, but the years are short. When it seems like it isn’t possible to change one more diaper, wipe one more runny nose, or quell one more tantrum, here are 10 reasons why being a parent is, well, totally awesome:

10. Kids give you a reason to focus on something other than yourself. 

Parent's Day

All of the sudden the solar system doesn’t revolve around you anymore, and its for the best reason. While it is important to pay attention to your mental and physical wellbeing during these formative years, putting the needs of those little ones becomes numero uno almost immediately in that delivery room. Kids give you greater sense of community and worldly outlook. Accountability to your fellow man and planet looks a whole lot different now. Gratefully.

9. It’s a hoot to watch yourself, or your partner, in miniature form.

Parent's Day

When you see your son make that exact same face as his dad, you melt inside. Or you smile witnessing your daughter line up her dolls the same way you did when you were her age. Watching your children carry themselves as teeny, tiny versions of you or your partner awaken an overwhelming sense of satisfaction – a feeling exclusive to being a Mom or Dad.

8. Children help us zero in on what really matters.

Parent's Day

That cranky co-worker in accounting doesn’t seem to bother you much more anymore. You don’t lay on the horn at the car in front of you when it doesn’t move fast enough for the light. You’ve finally decided to go back to school to get that degree. Parenthood genuinely inspires you to be a better self, in all aspects. You have some one (or ones) for whom you want to be the best example. And that’s all that matters.

7. You get to relive those childhood years.


Albeit clichéd, reliving rollercoaster rides and late-night ice cream runs do make you feel like a kid again. Children provide an escape from our reality. Work and its deadlines are totally not top of mind as you careen down a waterslide holding on tight to your kid. And don’t pretend like you didn’t slightly enjoy putting together those toys during the holidays.

6. The laughs. Oh, the laughs.


There is no greater joy than hearing your baby laugh for the first time. That is until they grow up and actually chuckle at a joke without you explaining why it’s funny. Just wait until you hear your child giggling uncontrollably with their brother or sister, and you aren’t even in the room. Hearing your kids’ happiness in the form of laughter is a game changer.

5. You get to do things your way.


You are so boss. While you appreciate your parents or caregivers for life they created for you, it is simply empowering to have your own household, filled with your own strategies for life, lessons, and love.

4. Precious heart-to-hearts.


Nothing beats the innocent and honest chatter of a four year-old. Or when your child heads to school in the fall and you hear all the ins and outs of first grade life. When children open up and feel comfortable talking, you get insight to what goes on in their little heads. Most kids love to hear about your own childhood, and can get lost in stories about how you played, studied, or dealt with life when you were their age. Hold these conversations close.

3. Cheering on kids’ successes.


Even if you a four-time gold medalist in the Olympic decathlon, you still will never feel the some kind of pride as when you behold your little one walk for the first time. When your child aces that spelling test they studied for, or takes first place in the pinewood derby, cheering on your child in their accomplishments fills your soul with triumphant joy.

2. You look at your own parents or caregivers in a whole new light.

Parent's Day Parent

Wow. What they did for you, the sacrifices they made, the sleepless nights they had, the tears they fought back…when you have your own family, it all becomes so clear the great lengths your parents or caregivers went to for your happiness. Mothers’ Days and Fathers’ Day celebrations for them used to be a time for brunch or a boxed tie. Now you clear your calendar.

1. The gratuitous love, cuddles, and affection.

Parent's Day

An unprompted “I love you” with a hug can change your entire day, week, or lifetime.

Happy Parent’s Day to all of the wonderful, hardworking parents out there that do all they can to make sure their children succeed in everything they do!