Stuff their stockings with STEM! Give smart this holiday season with Learning Resources. These small-sized stocking stuffers offer up big-time impact. Fun, educational, and creative, here are ideas for every little boy and girl on Santa’s list.

Good things come in STEM packages!

Pretend & Play® Tape Measure

Measuring Tape product

Exactly what your budding carpenter needs for their tool belt! This rough and tumble tool takes accurate measurements and can even withstand the toughest of pretend construction sites. The tape stretches to three feet, and simply winds back up into its home when done. Get ready for everything in the house to be sized up!

Measuring tape Red stocking

Hoot the Fine Motor Owl

Hoot the Fine Motor Owl product

Hoot the Fine Motor Owl peeks out from over their stocking, ready and willing to strengthen skills for preschool readiness! This fine motor toy is super colorful and comes with five bright, numbered coins. Drop those coins into the slot on top of Hoot’s head –and using scissor skills–flap the wings. Surprise! The coins come tumbling out! Spin around Hoot’s gear-shaped eyes, or push in Hoot’s nose for a squeak. Kids practice pincer grip, shape recognition, and hand strength with this friendly, wise owl.

Hoot the Fine Motor Owl Hoot the Fine Motor Owl in action

Beaker Creatures® Reactor Pods

Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods

Let’s face it, kids love to collect. And if they are collecting in the name of science? Even better! Beaker Creatures amaze on so many levels. There are 3 sets of series of these mysterious marvels to collect and discover. Drop the pod into water and watch the bubbling reaction to unearth your creature. Each fit-in-a-stocking sized box features a mini-poster with a real-world STEM experiment. All Beaker Creatures work with Learning Resources’ playsets like the Bubbling Volcano Reactor, Alien Experiment Lab, or the Whirling Wave Reactor. Let’s grab the water and get discovering!

Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod box Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod ball

Three Bear Family® Basic Counter Set

Three Bear Counters product

All hail color recognition and sorting with these playful bears, a part of the Three Bear Family Counters. There are a whopping 102 Baby Bears in the convenient bucket (which makes for easy cleanup and storage). There’s even a little activity guide. So cute (and smart)!

Counters in stocking Three Bears Counters

Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

Helping Hands Fine Motor Set product

Build those little hand muscles for the preschool set! Pre-scissor and grasping skills are practiced with the Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set, prepping kiddos for writing, cutting, and more. There’s an alligator grabber, a twisty eyedropper, a handy scooper, and squeeze-type tweezers…all useful for flexing those preschool muscles.

Fine Motor Hands in action Fine Motor scooper

Primary Science® Color Mixer

Color Mixer product

Awesome! This Color Mixer is constructed in the same sturdy manner you’ve come to know and love from Learning Resources. It’s a flask divided in half. Each side is can be filled with a different colored liquid. Now tip upside down…out of the curvy straw comes the new color. Hooray from a little Christmas chemistry!

Color Mixer Product Color Mixer glass

Take 10! Shape Finder Cookies

Shape Finder Cookies product

Turn your holiday morning into game time! From the “Take 10!” Series (turn any 10 minutes into quality time) the Shape Finder Cookies builds all sorts of yummy skills. Inside the easy little to-go bin it comes in, there are game options that include shape and color recognition. Maybe try to sharpen your skills by finding the right shape with your eyes closed? Whichever game you land on, the Shape Finder Cookies is a delicious way to play.

Shape Finder Cookies on table Shape Finder Cookies up close

Pretend & Play® Cash ‘n’ Carry Wallet

Wallet product

Christmas cash! This imaginary play wallet, complete with 30 bills, 40 coins, pretend bank card and pretend credit card, will make your little ones feel like big spenders. Practice addition with the bills, or hear the clink of the change as you count aloud. The money and cards look and feel real, don’t be surprised if you see deals go down around the Christmas tree.

Red wallet Red wallet with card

Take 10! Color Bug Catchers

Bug Catcher product

Catch these bugs before they scatter away! Quality time and meaningful play take on a crawly twist with this game. This tube fits perfectly into a stocking and is filled with lots of creativity. There are tweezers to help snag the bugs, which help to develop fine motor skills. Inside are instructions for games for multiple players, and everything takes under 10 minutes to play. Oh, what fun!

Bug Catcher counters Bug catcher with kid

Dual Lens Magnifiers

Magnifying glass product

Drop one of these in every stocking this season! These handy little magnifiers are perfect for making discoveries up close. Easy to hold for little fingers, the magnifiers help kids explore indoors or outdoors with lenses at 3x or 6x magnification. Would you look at that!

Magnifying glass

Happy Holidays from Learning Resources!

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