If you’re an educator who either loves coding or is even just a tiny bit curious…meet your NEW coding bestie: Botley, the code to classroom fun! Botley is a 77-Piece screen-free coding robot set – the only full robot activity set on the market for ages 5+. I have enjoyed introducing sweet Botley to my own son (Grayson, Age 5, Kindergarten), but am even more excited to now share how beneficial this rad robot can be for teachers and students.

botley classroom coding

Sure he’s cute and coding is a major buzzword, but what value does coding really bring to your students? Is it worth your time? ABSOLUTELY. Check out these key benefits of classroom coding:

  • Coding fosters creativity
  • Develops problem solving and critical thinking
  • Prepares kids for the world we live in today
  • Coding is fun!



I adore all things STEM/STEAM and coding, so Botley was obviously an easy winner for me, but the more I experiment and have experiences with this sweet, adorable little robot, the more possibilities I see for teachers of all comfort level being able to ROCK coding in their classrooms.

botley the code to fun

  1. READY TO GO: Botley is ready to use right out of the box. YIPPEE! There is no difficult, time-consuming prep before class, no wait time for your students, and that means instant hands-on coding fun and learning in your classroom. See how instantly you can implement coding in your classroom by watching this video. (show video window/preview below)
  2. NO CODING EXPERIENCE, NO PROBLEM: Botley is easy to get started, but challenging enough to keep learning for years with inclusion of advanced features. Many teachers shy away from coding because we have no experience with the process and it seems pretty intimidating. This little bot is so user-friendly that your kiddos will know what to do the second he comes out of his box.
  3. 100% SCREEN-FREE CODING: This is the hands-on way to learn to code! No iPhone or tablet required, so this clever coding tool works in every classroom with every student. Already using tech-based coding? Great–Botley is the perfect, tangible, hands-on device to accompany your screen-based offerings.
  4. CHALLENGE & GROW: With such an array of capabilities, you are able to present your students with so many different types of learning activities. From open play and experimentation, to guided activities, and beyond for advanced challenges, you can do it all with Botley.
  5. ADVANCE CODING FEATURES: for endless critical thinking challenges to solve…plus unlock additional commands and look for hidden features! This type of differentiated function possibilities mean your students are reaping the maximum benefits of coding! Check out a few of the super cool challenge options for little Botley below:
  • Capture the flag
  • Obstacle course
  • Race to the goal
  • Egg on a spoon race
  • Break the wall
  • The possibilities are endless…watch your students amaze you with what they invent!

FREE, NO-PREP coding challenge printables are ready to go for you!  All you need is to download our free printables by clicking on the image below and cut out out Botley’s coding cards and you’re ready to go!

Botley Coding Printables Feature


  • BRAINSTORM what coding and robotics mean with your students before opening Botley. Make an anchor chart with their ideas, or a KWL chart helping map out what they Know, Want to know, and then Learn after their Botley interaction.
  • WATCH BOTLEY VIDEOS with your students to show them how to get started, program to complete tasks, and engage in bonus challenge activities! 
  • LET THEM PLAY before you give them more targeted tasks and challenges. This is my motto with everything hands-on in the classroom, and who can blame your students from just wanting to get out cute Botley and play before engaging in more structured activities? I find if you let them play first they gain even more excitement about Botley, but also more FOCUS on what they get to do next — giving you the green light to start presenting them with teacher-initiated tasks and opportunities for more challenging coding.
  • BLEND BOTLEY with other hands-on and screen-free coding experiences in your classroom. You don’t have to do it all at once, but whether Botley is your gateway into the coding world or just an addition to your already coding classroom, he works seamlessly with other coding activities. Make this awesome bot part of a larger coding project that uses screen-based technology or have Botley be a more advanced coding experience after doing bot-free hands-on coding tasks. Either way, he fits perfectly to round out your STEM coding offerings for students. 

botley in the classroom

GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN, my Botley besties! I cannot wait to see and hear the adventures you and your littles have with this amazing little robot. Be sure to comment here and/or post your fun on social media @learningresources!


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