Teacher Appreciation Day is a time to celebrate educators. It’s an opportunity for families to show love and support for the outstanding teachers in their children’s lives.

What makes a teacher’s role in society one to celebrate?

Teachers play such an important role impacting the minds of young children! As the National PTA explains, “Teachers provide so much to our students—inspiration, motivation and, ultimately, their futures.” Educators are responsible for more then just the traditional role of instructing, but also assessing, guiding, nurturing, and role modeling. Passionate teachers are a large part of a child’s support system, filling in for parents while children are at school.

Parents show teachers they care.

With the responsibilities and pressure we place on ourselves as teachers, it feels really good to know our efforts do not go unnoticed. The meaningful gifts I have received over the years are ones that I still remember fondly, use often or hold in a special place.

Do you have a teacher that you’d like to show gratitude towards? Here are some unique and memorable gift ideas that teachers will love!

1. Handwritten Card

The most significant gift a teacher can receive cannot be bought. It is knowing we have made a difference in your child’s life. Write a thoughtful note sharing a special memory from the year or how a teacher helped your child. I still adore a card from a parent I received years ago sharing the impact I had on her kiddo. Meaningful cards are truly a treasure!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

2. Personalized/ Engraved Gifts

Engraved items with a personal message make a very unique gift! An engraved flower pot, coffee mug or tote bag is something teachers will use and cherish. Many companies now offer the option to personalize items so you can easily get them!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

3. Gift Card to the Spa

Give a gift card to a traditional spa or foot spa for a well deserved break. No matter how they’re feeling, teachers find the strength to grade papers, write lesson plans, buy supplies and deliver to the class each day. A spa gift card is a great way for teachers to take time for themselves and relax.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

4. Gift that Reflects their Interest or Hobbies

After almost a full year spent with your child’s teacher, you may be familiar with their interests and hobbies. Show them how much you care by getting an experience (from Groupon) or an item to compliment their hobby. Group classes are easy to find and range from yoga, to cooking, to art!

Teacher Appreciation Gift


5. Gifts for Every Day of the Week

Another way to honor your teacher is to give a gift each day of Teacher Appreciation week. Here are some ideas…

Treat them to lunch
$5 Coffee gift card
Favorite candy or snack
Fresh Flowers
Container filled with useful teacher items (Like this Create-a-Space from Learning Resources!)

Teacher Appreciation

Take a moment to tell a dedicated teacher that they matter. Express how they’ve helped your child. Share a special moment from the year that resonates with you. Say, “thank you,” with a gift to show how much you value all that they do.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Teacher Appreciation