January 25 is National Opposite Day! Enjoy these hour-by-hour tips for flipping your entire day around – having some seriously silly fun as you go!

7AM – Wakey, wakey, mac & cheese? Swap breakfast for dinner to start this freaky Friday off right!

8AM – Time to get dressed! Jammies, anyone? And don’t forget to brush your teeth – but today, try doing it with the opposite hand.

9AM – A brisk walk around the block is a great way to start the day. Can you walk the whole way backward? Or try a different route to the park!

10AM – Chore time! Dishes in the dryer and dirty clothes in the dishwasher. Oh, and don’t forget to dust the carpet! Seriously, though – maybe your little one takes a turn at being Mommy (or Daddy!) and tries their hand at washing and drying the Tupperware?

Opposite Day

11AM – Time for a parent play date! Take out every. Single. Toy. Play with it for three minutes, then leave it on the floor for your kids to put away. Have your kids serve you a snack, then cry when it’s time for your friend to go home.

Opposite Day Activities

12 PM – Your kids have always dreamed of eating dessert first… Make their day by serving a small bowl of ice cream, followed by a PB&J, and finally a glass of milk.

1 PM – Sneak some learning into this silly day by helping your kiddo count backwards from 10 or read the alphabet from Z to A, thinking of a word that starts with each letter.

2PM – Thank goodness it’s nap time…Try putting your little one down with feet at the top of the bed and head at the bottom!

Opposite Day Activities

3 PM – Let’s get artsy this afternoon. Can your child write their name backward? Or draw a picture upside down? Bring out the markers and give it a go!

Opposite Day Activities

4 PM – TV time? Okay… but your child has to face the opposite way! Can they guess what show is on, just by the voices they hear?

5 PM – NOW it’s time for eggs and bakey. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

6 PM – Friday night is family game night! This time, try pulling out all of your family’s favorite games and giving them a go, solo!

Opposite Day

7 PM – A story before bed? Yes, please! But let’s read it from back to front this time!

8 PM – Bedtime! Maybe your sweetie sings to you tonight?


Phew! What a crazy, backwards day! But shaking things up isn’t just for fun!

Playing with your routine is good exercise for your brain and a great way to emphasize process and strategic thinking skills with your kids. When you’re done with all this silly fun, talk to your child about the order of their day. What comes first? Next? Last? Should they brush their teeth before dinner? Is bedtime a good time for family game night? Is a bowl of cereal enough for dinner? Why or why not?

Opposite Day Activities