With many families working and learning from home right now, it’s easy to let the boredom creep in. To combat the blahs and add a little spark of creativity to your day, we’ve come up with a fun activity that turns your kids’ toys into a creative project. Use our toy rotation guide to keep your kid’s toys fresh and fun without spending extra money! 

Select The Toys: The first step in this process might be the most important. As you pick the toys for this project, try to strike a good balance between ones that they actively play with, and ones that they might have forgotten about a little. Try to avoid choosing any all-time favorites, as the fun of rediscovering them later might not outweigh the stress of (temporarily) losing them now.

Wipe Them Down: Since these toys are going to be out of rotation for a while, now is a great opportunity to give them an extra cleaning. Wipe each selected toy down with a damp cloth, and then again with a disinfecting wipe or solution. Then, let them stand until dry to give the cleaning solutions plenty of time to work. 

Hold for Two Weeks: Now comes the waiting game! We recommend holding your selected toys back for at least two weeks, in order to maximize both the impact of their return and the time you have to come up with a fun idea for reintroducing them. You can plan longer or shorter time frames for your kids; do whatever works best for your family.

Reintroduce: This is where it gets really fun. In order to get your kids engaged and excited about the return of their old toys, try to come up with a fun theme or activity for reintroducing them. Maybe you’ve put them in mystery boxes that the kids earn for answering flash cards correctly, or maybe you’ve hidden them around the house as a way to start a family scavenger hunt. You can also keep it simple; ask your kids to select the next round of toys that they can then swap for the ones currently in storage.

SEL Let's Talk Cubes toy

(product shown: Conversation Cubes, photo credit: Stacy Flannery)

Repeat!: If your first round of toy refreshing goes well, consider repeating the process as needed. No matter what strategy you employ, this is a great way to keep kids active, appreciative, and engaged with the toys they already have! 

At Learning Resources, we’re here to help you make the best of this challenging time. Stay safe and healthy, and check back with our blog for more tips and learning ideas as the situation unfolds.

Feature image photo credit: @littlemissedenmclemore