The weather is getting warmer, the sun is starting to stay out longer, it can only mean one thing: Spring is here!

This year do something out of the ordinary with our Ultimate Spring Break List! Each activity gets your kids’ brains working while they have fun during their vacation. How many will you and your family do?


Go to a local museum.

Pack up the kids and find a museum near you, no need to travel far! Fun tip: Check to see if the museums have a special kid day!


Plant flowers.

Your little learners will love to watch their creations grow! You can also plant veggies and watch your kids’ delight as they eat something they planted with their own hands! This may be the trick to getting them to eat their vegetables. šŸŒ½ šŸ… šŸ„’

Spring Break Activities List Fun Science


Play spring-time bingo.

Head outside and see how many spring items you can find. Get the free printable here!

Spring Bingo Printable


Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Get up early (or wait for dinner-time!) to watch the sky burst with colors! Explain what causes this awesome view in the sky!Ā Small particles in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays,Ā causingĀ them to scatter different directions.


Read a book everyday.

Just because there’s a break from school doesn’t mean you should take a break from reading! Mix it up: Keep your kids’ brains active by having them read to you!


Walk to the park.

Get moving and bring some snacks for a trip to the swings! Have the kids navigate your way to and from the park!

Summer Bucket List


Try a new food.

Break the habit of picky eating with a new food; maybe mango or another sweet, exotic fruit! You never know what new favorite will be discovered!


Cook dinner together.

Have the little ones be sous chefs for the night with mixing and pouring! This is a fun way to teach basic measuring skills.

Spring Break Cooking


Rainy day activities.

Spring showers bringing you down?Ā  No worries, check out this Rainy Day DIY Activities list! It includes an umbrella craft and an indoor rainbow activity!


Learn a new game.

Pick out a new board game or find one on Pinterest.


Make up a game.

Take it a step further and make up your own game instead! Put on your thinking caps and make up your own rules for a classic game, maybe a new way to play checkers? The kids can also get creative by designing the board themselves!


Paint a picture.

Get wild with the water colors!

Spring Break List


Go to the local pet shelter and help feed the cats and dogs for a few hours! This is an amazing habit to get kids into at an early age. It teaches compassion and you get to play with animals all day! Win-win!


Go bird watching.

Break out the binoculars and see how many birds are coming out to play! Listen and look carefully and record each birds different characteristics.


Go on a nature hike.

Find a local forest preserve and walk the paths! Bring a bucket for special findings along the way!


Make a bird feeder.

Click here to create this simple bird feeder out of recycled items in the house!


Do an experiment.

Get your mad scientist on with this exploding volcano experiment!


Fly a kite.

Have a blustery spring day? Find an open field and watch the kites soar!


Visit Grandma and Grandpa.

To grandmother’s house we go! If you live close, use a day this spring break to visit and get goofy with the grandparents!

Spring Break List DIY


Outdoor experiments.

Check out these fun outdoor science activities to get the kids out of the house!


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Spring Break List