Looking for some fun gym games for kids? Learning Resources is here to help. Whether you are looking for activities to keep your little one active during the winter or just some games to play in a spacious room, these games are sure to lead to hours of physical exercise and fun!

Here are some of our favorites:

Smart Toss Colors, Shapes & Numbers Game

Toss and play to learn shapes, numbers, colors, and more. Smart Toss board includes four games in one, featuring one side each for numbers, shapes, and colors. Use the fourth side for free play or create your own activities. Use stickers or tape to label each hole with anything from letters, pictures of animals or places, and words. Here are a few fun games to play:

Game 1 — Number Call-Out

  1. Set up the board with the numbers side facing up.
  2. Each player takes three bean bags.
  3. Throw the bean bags, one at a time, into the numbered pockets.
  4. If a bean bag lands in a pocket, the player must say the number printed above that pocket.
  5. One point is awarded for each correctly stated number for a maximum of three points.
  6. It is now the next player’s turn.
  7. Play until one player has 10 points

Game 2 — Shape Up

  1. Set up the board with the shapes side facing up.
  2. Take three bean bags. Have one player call out shape names.
  3. Aim for the pocket displaying that shape.
  4. Each bean bag that lands in the correct pocket is awarded one
  5. point, for a maximum of three points per turn.
  6. Play until one player has 20 points.

Ten-Frame Floor Mat Activity Set

Stand up and be counted! Giant ten-frame mats incorporate students into the number building fun as they represent 1–10, add and subtract, develop number sense, and more, using either the counters or themselves as interactive manipulatives. Create a double ten-frame with the second mat to extend number concepts to 20. Get them on their feet with math that really moves! Here are some fun games to use with the set:

Game 1 – Beyond 10
Using both mats, model counting and create a number, such as 12. Place 10 counters on one mat and two more on the other mat. Discuss how 12 is 2 more than 10. Make 12 other numbers greater than 10. Each time, ask, “How many more than 10 is this number?”

Game 2 – Roll Away
Lay out both mats for building numbers 2-12. Have students add the numbers on each die and fill in the corresponding number of spaces on the mat(s), using either the counters or themselves as counters. Continue rolling and representing numbers.

See N Snap Picture Hunt

It’s the find it, snap it, match it game that gets kids up and moving! Help your toddlers build gross motor skills while learning all about matching with the See & Snap Picture Hunt from Learning Resources. This fun twist on flashcards is as simple as it is fun: simply hide some of the set’s 20 large picture cards around the house, place one of the 20 small picture cards inside the pretend camera, and send your toddler on a fun scavenger hunt to find and match the cards. In the end, they can even take a pretend picture – the camera really clicks! In addition to boosting gross motor and matching skills, See & Snap Picture Hunt also sends toddlers hunting for new shape recognition skills with the help of the set’s 5 shape cards. Just insert the learning cards in the camera and see how many circles, squares, triangles, and other shapes your toddlers can find along the way.

Game 1 – Color Hunt
This game focuses on finding cards of a certain color. This time, scatter all the large picture cards around the playing area with the images facing down. Give your child an objective for their color hunt: “Collect three blue cards!” When your child returns, flip the cards over to see what they found!

Game 2 – Shapes in the World
Display all the shape cards. Point to and name each shape. Then, insert one of the cards into the camera. Can you find objects of the same shape in your home? (Here’s one example: rectangle = cereal box.) Snap a picture to confirm the match, and then continue finding the other shapes in the set.

Answer Buzzers and Stopwatches

Test your speed (and skill) with the Answer Buzzers and Stopwatches! Both are great for obstacle course and race challenges at home! They can both be used together or separately to add a competitive element to get kiddos moving. Have kiddos use their imagination and create games of their own!

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