Requiring families to stay at home for the foreseeable future, we are here to provide you with tips and activities that your child can do today. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for what to do while you’re staying in…

Find a pen pal & write a letter.

What a great opportunity to bring back old-fashioned letter writing while practicing handwriting and vocabulary! Kids can write a note or draw a picture to send to a grandparent or family member that is far away (or around the block!). Families can also support our military who are overseas with cards & letters – find more info and learn how at It’s a great way to spread joy and kindness while staying connected with others. Kids don’t know what to write? Check our letter writing prompts for kids below:

  • Describe what you’ve been doing at home or school.
  • Describe what you see out your window.
  • Write about your favorite game and why you like to play the game.
  • Develop a secret code and then write a coded letter. Ask the receiver to write back to you in code.
  • Describe your favorite character from a movie or TV show. Ask the receiver about their favorite movie or show.
  • Write a letter about a vacation you would like to take. Ask the receiver about their favorite vacation.
  • Describe your favorite food & where to go to eat it. Ask the receiver their favorite food.
  • Share what you want to be when you grow up. Ask the receiver about their job.

Organize that stack of school papers & art projects.

C’mon moms – we all have these! Involve your kids to sort through the stack. Have each child pick out the school papers that represent their best work and learning growth, along with 5-10 favorite or most special art projects. Save the papers in a folder, or better yet – 3-hole punch them or slip into sheet protectors and add to a 3-ring binder. Each child can then decorate the cover of their binder and label with the year and grade. Take digital photos of the art pieces and create an “online gallery” to share with grandparents, family and friends. You can now treasure & share these pieces and no more gathering dust!

Take a brain boost break!

Plan daily “brain boost” time to build problem solving skills and keep memory & concentration sharp. Games like Mental Blox have a variety of ways to play, which make them good for all ages!

We also love playing Kanoodle and can’t wait to try the new Kanoodle Flip! Plus, we will be teaching our older kids how to play solitaire and will be playing a lot of “Dots & Boxes” games and classic Tic-Tac-Toe! Download our templates & scorecards here!

We hope these fun at home ideas inspire you if you are #stayingin. Stay tuned for more activities to do at home tomorrow! Have more ideas? Please share in the comments so that we can all staycation together!


Take care & stay healthy!


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