Both GoGo squeeZ and Learning Resources strive to make it easier for kids and families to be a little healthier and happier. That is why we have teamed up to help your children develop healthy bodies and healthy minds together!

From making nutritious, tasty snacks in squeezable pouches to sharing awesome recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and fun activities, GoGo squeeZ is dedicated to keeping families on the go…go-going! GoGo squeeZ pouches are the perfect snacks to fuel your kids’ adventures and more!

Play is such an important part of how kids learn. Kids today need more opportunities to build a love of learning so that they are ready to succeed at school and beyond! They need more unstructured time to explore their imaginations as much as they need nutritious foods to fuel their bodies.  Childhood is the time when kids will nourish their imagination, creativity, bodies, and relationships. That’s why it’s so important for kids to get the right nourishment and nutrition while engaging in fun play and imagination-filled activities that build the foundation of who they will become!  

So, what’s an easy way to sneak more of these essentials into your day? Pair a nutritious snack with a learning activity and you’ve hit the parenting jackpot — healthy bodies AND healthy minds!  Here are a few of our suggestions for playful learning activities that pair perfectly with a GoGo squeeZ snack: 

18 months to 2 years:

  • We suggest adding a side of GoGo squeeZ fruit & veggieZ! Squeezable fruit and veggies come together for a tasty snack pouch that can keep up with your kids no matter how fast they’re Go-Going. Made from 100% real apples, and 10 amazing combinations for fruit and veggies, this lip-smacking combo packs a sweet, yummy punch. Take them everywhere you GoGo and kids will get the veggies they need!
  • With the help of Twisty Droppers, these irresistible eyedroppers put a fun twist on water play and building fine-motor skills. Squeeze the bulb to begin early science exploration, experience cause, and effect and build little hand muscles too! Try out one of our at-home activities to see the learning in action.

3 to 4 years:

  • Try the newest line, GoGo squeeZ® Happy tummieZ! 4 Filled with sweet yummy fruit and plant-based prebiotic fiber—all in a portable pouch. Prebiotic fiber nourishes the naturally occurring good bacteria in the gut to help them thrive to remain strong and support overall wellness. 
  • Encourage exploration of fruits and veggies with the Farmer’s Market Sorting Set. This versatile veggie and fruit playset will nourish children’s love of early learning! These toys promote color recognition, sorting skills, counting, and vocabulary. Perfect for dramatic play and learning about good nutrition too.

5 years and up:

  • We think your BIG kids deserve our GoGo BIG squeeZ! Available in 6 flavors with 1/2 cup fruit per pouch!  They’ll be sure to wow your taste buds!  These pouches are 33% bigger than existing GoGo squeeZ fruit pouches, perfect for BIGGER appetites and BIGGER adventures! And PS! And for your beginning readers, there are some funny jokes on the bottom of our pouches for them to test out their reading skills too!  
  • What goes great with a snack? A game! Whether your learner needs to brush up on their early reading skills with Sight Words Swat, or they need to plus up their math chops with Sum Swamp, our games are perfect for stealthy learning fun. They won’t even realize they are being “Gameschooled” – we won’t tell if you don’t! 

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