We all want to raise curious kids who question and explore the world around them.  Curious children discover all sorts of amazing things.  But, how can we nurture this quality in our kids?

A curiosity journal is a great tool for helping kids discover their inquisitive side.  It’s easy to make and paired with a curiosity investigation bag you will have the perfect open-ended summer activity.

curiosity journal

What is a curiosity journal?

A curiosity journal is a blank journal in which kids draw and write things that they wonder about, discover, or want to investigate.

Discovery subjects can range from science to literacy.  Perhaps a child sees a large spider web glistening with dew gracing the length of the front porch and she wonders how it was created. Or, a little one just heard a fascinating read-aloud about trains and wants to learn everything he can about this type of transportation.

A curiosity journal is a place to record these wonderings, discoveries, and investigations using pictures and words.

How to make a curiosity journal

Materials Needed: 1 composition notebook, stickers or old magazines, scissors, transparent tape, and clear contact film (optional)

  1. Have your child decorate the outside of the journal with images of things she loves or that interest her.  Tape each image in place to create a personalized cover.
  2. For durability, cover the outside of the journal with clear contact film.
  3. Have your child write her name and phone number inside the journal.  If the treasured journal is ever misplaced, this will make it helpful if found.

Curiosity bag

How to make an investigation bag

A curiosity journal pairs nicely with an investigation bag.

Materials Needed: 1 canvas bag, fabric paint or fabric markers, writing utensils (crayons, pens and/or markers) Magnifying GlassesBig View Binoculars,  View Bug Jars, and Catch N View Net

  1. Decorate the canvas bag with fabric paint or markers to create a personalized bag that will house the journal and curiosity tools.
  2. Fill the bag with the journal, writing utensils, and tools (magnifying glass, binoculars, bug jar, and net) that will help your little one explore.

Using the curiosity journal and investigation bag

Your little one is ready to explore.  Take the filled bag with you wherever you go.

Places to explore

Whether you are walking, driving, or biking, your investigation bag can travel with you. Here are just a few great places to discover and practice being curious.

  • parks
  • the backyard
  • museums
  • vacation destinations

Journal prompts

Your youngster will probably be brimming with ideas to fill his journal.  If he needs ideas though, try some of these prompts.

  • Can you draw what you observed?
  • How do you think ______ was made?
  • What questions do you have about _____?
  • Have you ever seen anything like this before?
  • Does this remind you of anything?
  • Look closely at ______.  What details do you notice?

Spark curiosity in your child with these tools and watch her imagination soar.




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