October 29 is National Cat Day – a day to celebrate our furry, purry, feline friends. Whether you’re fur-tunate enough to have your own kitty cuties at home or your kids just love these itty-bitty fur buckets from afar, we’ve sharing four fun ways to celebrate the day, including:

Making a Purr-ty Paper Plate Cat

Create your own (flat) cat using a paper plate, acrylic paints in cat colors, construction paper, glue, and yarn!

Start by showing your little cat lover some pictures of different kinds of kitties online. Then set out some kitty-colored paints, flip a paper plate upside down, and have your kiddo paint the entire back side of the plate in kitty colors.

Next, trim the ridges off two opposing sides of the plate and take a notch out of the top – but don’t toss the scraps! You’ll trim one of the side pieces into a set of kitty paws and the other into your tail.

Using markers or cut-out construction paper pieces, let your little one add facial details including eyes, nose, and mouth.

Use glue to attach the paws, tail, and whiskers to your kitty cat’s face and voila! Flat paper plate cat!

Creating a Parts & Pieces Kitty Collage

Save your junk mail and catalogs and get crafty with this cool collage project! You’ll also need a few sheets of black construction paper, scissors, and a stick of glue.

Start by cutting out some kitty cat shapes for your kids – tear drops for cat bodies, oval heads, curved triangles for ears, long tails, diamond-shaped eyes, triangle noses, half-moon paws, and strips for whiskers and claws.

Set the pieces out and let your kids get creative, gluing pieces down to pose their collage cats in all kinds of kitty contortions.

Crafting a Kitty Cat Analog Clock

There’s always time to cuddle a kitty! Learning to tell time is much more fun with a kitty cat clock your kids make themselves. You’ll need two paper plates, construction paper, glue, a ruler, and an old school brad.

Start by having your kids paint two paper plates, right side up, in a single kitty color like orange or grey.

Once your plates are dry, give your kids a marker and have them add facial details including whiskers and a mouth and use construction paper to create and glue cat eyes, ears, and a nose.

On the other plate, use your ruler and markers to carefully place long lines at each hour mark and four shorter minute marks between each.

Create a ¾” circular template, then challenge your kiddo to trace and cut 11 more circles out of construction paper. Add numbers 1-12 and show your child where to glue them in place on your clock face.

Cut two arrows out of construction paper – one longer than the other – and use the brad to secure them to the center of your clock face.

Staple your kitty cat head to its clock face body. Meow it’s time to practice!

Completing a Kitty Care Coding Challenge

With Learning Resources Coding Critters™ Scamper & Sneaker, your kids can learn to care for a cat without having to own one! Plus, even preschoolers can learn basic coding skills with these playful pets.

First, read through the included storybook adventure, coding the activities shown on each page.

Code Scamper to come out of her house and chase her ball or send Sneaker for a ride down the slide.

Then press Scamper’s nose to active Play Mode where kids can feed, pet, and care for their robotic kitten.

How will YOU celebrate National Cat Day?