We have seen Desk Pets all over TikTok, and we think this idea is here to stay! In this blog, we will explain what desk pets are and how you can add these not-so-furry friends to your class. Full disclosure, you are going to be just as obsessed!

What are desk pets?

Originally desk pets were little animal erasers that you give your students for their desks. They were introduced to the world by our friend and teacher, Marissa Begay on TikTok. Desk pets can be used for an incentive, a classroom management technique, or just for fun. Mrs. Begay’s students earn them and then make little habitats to display them in or on their desks. The kids LOVE it!

Check out her TikTok that started it all! Prize Box Hack.

Mrs. Begay has shown her students’ reactions to the newest addition to the collection – BEAKER CREATURES!

Desk Pet Ideas

Beaker Creatures

These mysterious glow-in-the-dark aliens have taken forms inspired by famous Earth monsters – you might spot a vampire, a mummy, a zombie, and more! Each collectible creature also comes with a mini-poster featuring a real-world STEM experiment; make your own creature launcher, drench your creature in slime, and more!

Fun Fish

These fish would go swimmingly as a desk pet! Kids can release their inner marine biologists by taking care of fish and creating their very own aquarium.

Dinosaur Desk Pets

These dinosaurs would be dino-mite desk pets! Kids become paleontologists as they discover and create their own dinosaur habitats.

Jungle Animal Desk Pets

Bring the Jungle to your desk! Bring these exotic creatures from distant lands right to your classroom. We’d be LION if we didn’t say these desk pets are a ROARING success.

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