Discover even more coding fun with these free printable coding challenges from Botley the Coding Robot! Help your little learners discover coding without any screens or apps, all you need is to download our free printables by clicking on the image below and cut out out Botley’s coding cards and you’re ready to go!


Botley Coding Printables Download

Use the coding cards to help get Botley to the flag. Avoid the obstacles when making your coding path. Work your way up from the beginner mazes to advanced. Once you’ve accomplished all the coding challenges you can make your own mazes by cutting out the pieces on pages 7 and 8. Share your maze ideas with us on social media using the #Botley!

Botley Printable Maze


Botley Printable Coding Maze

Botley Printable Coding Maze Piece


Want to learn more about Botley? Well you’re in luck because he’s written a few blog posts to help introduce himself!

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