Most kids start identifying colors at around 18 months. Of course, at that age, toddlers are also just learning how to interact with the world around them. Not only is that world filled with strange shapes and colors, it also demands their attention. At 18 months, many kids learn the power of their own grasp, that they can move objects with their own hands, and that they can even empty entire toy boxes just by tipping them over. They may also discover the joys of stacking blocks (usually 2 to 3 at a time) and turning the pages of their favorite bedtime stories (also 2-3).

With so much fascination for what can be touched, it only makes sense to encourage your child to engage their senses. This is a great time to introduce sensory color matching activities into your child’s play routine. Fortunately, creating your own sensory color matching activity center is quite painless. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. The Rice Rainbow

Who knew that an everyday pantry staple could be transformed into a colorful sensory delight? Dying rice is surprisingly simple, and there are several different methods you can choose from. We have three common methods outlined here, but the most effective of these by far is sanitizer and food coloring. It’s not quite as messy as the others, and the rice maintains its brilliant colors more easily!

The result? Many vibrant grains that kids can run their hands through. Choose every color of the rainbow and then line the colors up in a bin to represent your starchy spectrum. You can even let the kids use All About Me Family Counters to match their family to their favorite colors – Mom, Dad, siblings, and even the dog!

2. Home Sweet Home 

What’s a family without a vibrant place to call home? With All About Me Sort & Match Houses, kids can construct entire rainbow neighborhoods! They can line them up in neat ROYGBIV rows or choose their own eye-pleasing patterns. Don’t forget to have them assign their All About Me Family figures to their rightful houses – perhaps on a sprawling lot of rainbow rice? 

3. Pom POMP and Circumstance

Let pom poms invade the rainbow neighborhood – or at least add their own unique splash of color! Fill a separate bin with the pom poms and allow the kids to select the colors that match their All About Me families and houses. Imagination is sure to run wild, and that’s okay. Pom poms may transform into pet bunnies or fancy landscaping or comfy seating options for the counters. Who knows what will happen! It’s best to let the senses take over and let it happen.

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