A new school year is upon us!  The kids will most likely be bringing home nightly assignments plus a reading log.  Do you have a system in place to make nightly homework go as smoothly as possible?

Homework Station

A homework central station can be a great resource to prevent homework headaches and help your kids get their work done quickly and efficiently.  No more, “I can’t find my pencil.” or “Where are my spelling words?”

What Is a Homework Central Station?

A homework central station is a place to organize and store all the tools your kids need to complete their homework.

It’s placed in a central location that is accessible to all your kids.  Everything has its place.  Plus, there is room for kids to sit and do their assignments.

How to Make a Homework Central Station

Materials Needed: table or desk, chair(s), oil drip pan or other magnetic surface, school supplies, LER 6900 Time Tracker, LER 3808 Create a Space Bundle, and LER 1455 Jumbo Letters


Homework Station

  1. Select a space to house your homework central station.  We chose to put ours in the kitchen.  It allows me to work on dinner and still be able to help the kids while I’m prepping food.
  2. Add a magnetic surface.  We used an oil drip pan that we picked up a local automotive store and leaned it against the wall behind the desk.  You could also attach it to the wall.  Or, place your work space next to another magnetic surface.
  3. You are ready to add your magnetic bins and magnetic storage pockets.  We filled our bins and pockets with magnetic letters, spelling word cards, and counting cubes.
  4. Finally, add your storage center and fill it with pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, etc.  Also, set the time tracker on the table.

You might also hang hooks near the station for kids to hang their backpacks.

How to Use Your Homework Central Station


Homework Station

Now that you have everything set up, it’s time to put the homework central station to use.

  • Your magnetic surface not only holds your bins and storage pockets, but it also provides a workspace and assignment board.  We like to have magnetic letters to build sight words and words from spelling lists.  You can also hang a book log or homework calendar on the magnetic surface.
  • The storage center allows kids to remove bins of supplies they need and move to a different work area if desired.
  • The storage pockets hold bulkier items such as counters for solving addition and subtraction problems or as a flashcard keeper.
  • The time tracker is helpful for kids who have a difficult time staying on task.  Set an amount of time to work and then the color coded tracker will alert kids when time is running out.

Set up a homework central station prior to the beginning of the school year. You will be so happy to have a dedicated space for all things homework related.



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