Do your children love dinosaurs? Use their interest in dinos to help them practice the alphabet. Take your dinosaur toys outside to create a dinosaur alphabet maze with chalk. It’s a great way to encourage an interest in learning letters and letter sounds while playing with dinosaurs.

crafting dinosaur mazes

Make a-mazing dino mazes!

Grab the latest jumbo dinosaur set and a box of chalk and head outside. You’ll need a large area of sidewalk or driveway. We took our dinosaurs and chalk to a local park and found an open area between some picnic tables. The kids drew on one side while I created the alphabet mazes on the other side.

Follow the ABCs

Draw a path of letters for the dinosaurs to follow. I made the maze pretty simple for my 3 year old. I wrote the alphabet in order from A to Z in a winding path. The goal is to get your dinosaurs from A to Z. We practiced saying the letters as the dinosaurs jumped on them.

dino mazes

I also called out letters and letter sounds for my daughter to find. Where is the letter that makes the “t” sound? Can you find the letter that says “l”? She enjoyed flying the Pteranodon to the correct letters. This is a great way to get kids moving and learning.

educational dinosaur maze crafting ideas

Focus on one letter

Another option is to create a maze to focus on just one letter. Follow the letter As to help the dinosaurs get to the lake.

ideas for crafting with dinosaur toys

Find the baby dinosaurs

We played a maze game using the mommas and babies jumbo dinosaur set. Help the momma dinosaurs get to their babies by following the letter path. This game adds a rescue element that appealed to kids.

While my 3 year old and I were working on the dinosaur alphabet mazes, my oldest son (age 7) was creating his own alphabet mazes. This was great writing practice for him. My youngest son (age 1) loved running around with the dinosaurs and saying, “roar.”

how to craft your own dinosaur mazes

More dinosaur alphabet mazes

The dinosaur alphabet fun didn’t stop when we got home. I created some on paper. The new dinosaur counters are the perfect manipulative to go along with these printable maze sheets. You’ll find 4 mazes that work on number recognition and sequencing, counting, even numbers, letter recognition, and alphabetical order. Move the little dinosaurs through the mazes just like we did with the jumbo dinosaurs outside. Can you help the T. rex find her nest?

dinosaur maze printables

Or you could use the dinosaurs to cover all of the same letter. Cover all of the letter D to help the dinosaur find a path to its food. Download the dinosaur mazes here.

What kind of learning games do you like to play with your dinosaur toys?



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