Slide the stone, brush the ice, and try to hit the target! Curling is one of the most iconic winter sports in the world; it’s even on TV these days! Usually, a round of curling requires too much equipment to play at home, but you can play your own version of this famous sport with the help of Botley the Coding Robot!

Check out our step-by-step guide below:

Curling Botley Set up

1. Set up a starting line at one end of the room. At the other end, set up Botley’s orange goal piece.
2. Put Botley behind the starting line, making sure that he’s aimed straight at the goal piece.
3. Before you start coding, have each player estimate the number of FORWARD coding steps it will take Botley to reach the goal without going past it. (Here’s a hint: Botley moves 8 inches with each FORWARD step).
4. After everyone has their guesses, have the first player code Botley to move forward.

botley curling flag
5. When Botley stops, place one of his flags at the spot on the floor where he stopped. If you have lots of players, you can even write each person’s name on their flag with some masking tape and a marker.

6. Repeat until everyone has gone. The person closest to the goal is the winner!

If you want to add an extra element of challenge, snap on Botley’s detachable robot arms and make this rule: on each turn, players can choose to code their way towards the goal, or knock a previous player’s flag off the course. In this version of the game, the first person to land Botley in the goal wins.

Botley Curling Game that teaches kids how to code!