Happy Earth Day! A wonderful way to celebrate our one-of-a-kind planet, this Earth Day art project is alive with color. Engaging the senses of even your littlest conservationist, recreate this masterpiece with a just few items you probably already have at home.


You will need:

  • A baking sheet with sides
  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring or watercolor paints
  • Chopsticks or craft sticks for swirling
  • White cardstock
  • An old gift card or credit card for scraping

Earth Day Sensory Art Craft



On the cardstock, trace circles about 8-9” in circumference using a bowl or plate. Cut out and set aside.

Earth Day Sensory DIY Craft

Spray the shaving cream directly into the baking sheet. Now spread the shaving cream evenly in the pan. It almost feels like frosting a sheet cake.

DIY Earth Day Sensory

Using a generous hand, drop your food coloring or paint all over the shaving cream in the pan. Then, with the craft stick, swirl the pain around. Be careful to swirl, not mix. This step is rich in sensory for the children – the smell of the shaving cream, the drag of the foam, the mixing of the color. Fantastic!

DIY Earth Day Sensory

Grab one of the circles. Gently lay your soon-to-be-Earth on top of the shaving cream, pressing down gently. You want to make sure all the Earth’s surface is touching the paint/shaving foam mixture.

DIY Earth Day Sensory

Grab a little section and gently peel up your circle off of the foam. Find a spot to lay it flat.

DIY Earth Day Sensory

Next, using the former gift or credit card, begin on one end and scrape the paint off, getting very close to the surface of the card stock. Revealed under all that shaving cream is a beautiful, marbled, Earth-from-outer-space look!

DIY Earth Sensory Craft

Add some additional paint or food coloring to your mix if you feel like either color is coming through strong enough. It seems like it’s almost impossible to add too much color.

DIY Earth Day Sensory Craft

Enjoy this sensory-rich activity with all ages of kids.

Happy Earth Day!

DIY Earth Day Sensory Craft

Sensory Earth Art