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I always imagined I would be a BOY mom. My days would be filled with stinky feet, sticky hands, and soccer balls. I’m such a girly girl that I just assumed I would be given the opposite as a mother to shake things up a bit. BOY, was I wrong! I have three little girls (with a baby boy at the caboose) and my life has been filled with pink princesses, sparkly glitter and lots and lots of giggles; and guess what… we still have all of those other things! I never knew a little girl could have such stinky feet 😝

My girls love dressing up into gorgeous gowns to prance around in as if they were at a ball in a castle, but they also love playing soccer and splashing in muddy rain puddles. I think we sometimes forget that kids are kids, no matter if they’re boys or girls 🙂 and DINOSAURS are not just for boys, friends.

My daughters have been obsessed with Dinosaurs lately. Dinosaurs are almost enchanting, don’t you think? The thought of those massive monsters roaming the earth gets every little’s imagination going! Lucky for me, one of my favorites: Learning Resources, has everything we need to curb those Dino sized appetites. This month they’re celebrating Dino Days on their site!

We have been loving the Jumbo Dinosaurs Mommas and Babies! Honestly, I don’t think they’ve put them down since we opened the box a week ago. This fun box features some of the dino faves: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus. They’re brightly colored, super durable, and have allowed for endless hours of fun. I knew my girls would love this one because they are huge baby doll gals. They love to play “family” with their babies and I knew the play would easily extend to these “families” of dinosaurs.

My five year old has had loads of fun playing with the Jumbo Dinosaur Floor Puzzle. My girls love putting together puzzles, and having a massive dinosaur to put together and take apart makes a puzzle even more fun. She’s had a ball flipping it over and putting together the bone side, and then switching again for the full colorful dinosaur. This puzzle is super soft and pliable, making it super easy to assemble for little hands.

My six year old is a whiz at math. She’s in first grade and she’s rocking third grade levels right now. I knew she would love a Dinosaur Math board game, and I knocked it out of the park with this one. The Dino Math Tracks® Place Value Game has been so much fun that my girls are waking up early every day just so they can play it before school! No joke people. That is the number one reason I love Learning Resources! Everything they do has a learning purpose, so kids are actively playing and learning at the same time. This board game has several games in one, so you can choose the game that fits the math skill level of the players.

Don’t miss out on these fun Dino Deals! Head over to Learning Resources and get any Dinosaur toy 20% off in the month of May. Use code ROAR at checkout 🙂 You better hurry! This deal is almost extinct…

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