It is easy to associate Learning Resources® products with preschool-aged children, but there are so many great options for Elementary-aged children. In this blog, I’m sharing my favorite finds for this age group, all of which are under $15 and ideal for encouraging learning through play.

A Game or Two for Some Family Fun

I love that my son is old enough now to really engage with board games and card games. It’s fun to explore different Math and Literacy skills through playing games together as a family. For that reason, I include two recommendations. The first is a card game called Snap It Up!® Phonics & Reading Game. The game is described as being fast and crazy, so I know my son will have fun with it. You basically have to pick and pass cards as quick as you can to spell words, great for reading and spelling skills and lots of fun!

I thought a new board game would be a nice addition and this money-based one, Buy It Right™ Shopping Game, looks like a great option because he has been learning all about money at school. I also love that it can be played at three difficulty levels, so we can choose a version for my 4-year-old to join in with or keep it more challenging just for my 2nd grader. It’s a fun way to teach children about the importance of money by allowing them to set prices, buy and sell items and make problem-solving decisions to move across the game board. So much learning happening, all whilst enjoying a fun game.

Something for Outside

I love nothing more than seeing my 7-year-old enjoying nature and the warmer Spring weather. I chose a few fun items to add to his Easter basket, which would encourage play and learning outside. The first was a pair of the Primary Science® Binoculars. Just today, he excitedly pointed out a bright red bird perched on a tree in our backyard. Binoculars would have been perfect for him to get a closer look and possibly even lead to some fun drawing and painting projects. I like these particular binoculars because they look a little more ‘grown up’ but still have the high level of durability and comfort that kids need. I also wanted to add in a magnifying glass and decided that I really liked the idea of how small and portable the Dual Lens Magnifiers are. This is a pack of ten small plastic magnifiers, perfect for keeping in pockets when playing in the yard or going on nature hunts.

Let’s Get Building

Gifting toys that encourage STEM skills is always a good idea in my book. We have some great Learning Resources building toys. My 7 year old particularly likes Gears! Gears! Gears!® because they provide a little more engineering challenge than regular building bricks. In his Easter basket, I include the CycleGears™ set as I know he’ll love having some wheels to create vehicles with. 

Another great addition for my 7-year-old will be the STEM Explorers™ Geomakers™ set. We don’t have any building materials like this, and I look forward to him exploring 2-D and 3-D shape building and completing some of the challenge cards. It’s always fun when the child is old enough to read and undertake the challenge cards independently; it gives them such a sense of ownership and achievement.

Never Too Old for Role Play

It can be easy to assume that older kids won’t enjoy the opportunity to pretend play, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I spotted this Stethoscope on their website and loved that it is a real-life working stethoscope! How fun to set up a doctor’s office, but this time around, you can actually listen to the heartbeats of your patients. I’m looking forward to it offering a nice numeracy link and record heart rates and learn about time and counting together.

What do you like to include in your Elementary-aged child’s Easter basket? We’d love to know what your favorite items are, as well as which Learning Resources products have been a hit with your kids in the past.