In this era of social distance, it feels like everyone is itching to get out and explore! While that might not be attainable in today’s circumstances, there are a few ways to take virtual field trips right from your living room.

Today we’re sharing a few virtual tours of farms. Check out these cool videos to learn more about farm life and the animals found there!

American Dairy Association

The American Dairy Association offers different types of virtual tours for different grade levels. Kids can explore their barns and animals inside through these videos. Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out a video on how to milk a cow, too!

National Agriculture in Classroom

It can be easy to overgeneralize farms, but don’t forget all the specific types of farms that exist. Check out this website to see different types of farms based on the type of animal they house and the produce they output. So many opportunities to learn something new!


Midwest Dairy

If you want to get your child reading, this is the site for you. Read and explore the different parts of the farm on this webpage on dairy farms.

Farm Food 360

There are farms all over the world, not just in the United States! Check out this webpage to explore the different types of farms in Canada. This website is great for readers and visual learners.

Discover Dairy

Here is another great website with videos for different age groups! Explore different types of farms through these engaging videos and compare dairy farms across the Midwest.

Have fun on your virtual explorations!