With more features, more coding, and more fun, Botley 2.0 comes with everything your little ones need to begin their screen-free coding journey. After they’ve mastered their coding basics with Botley’s included activities and accessory set, they can discover even more fun ways to code with our free set of exclusive online coding activities. In this post, you’ll discover how to add arts and crafts to Botley’s coding adventures!

Making Art With Botley

Place a thin felt-tip marker in each of Botley’s hands (if they don’t fit, you can tape them to his hands). Remove the caps of the markers. Then, place Botley on a large sheet of paper, and enter codes to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces! Be sure to use 45-degree turns to make your artwork unique!

Downtown Bot 

Use cardboard boxes to build a city landscape for Botley to travel around. Include skyscrapers and tunnels, or even local landmarks! Can you make your own hometown?

Robot in Disguise

Use construction paper or other materials to make a “costume” for Botley! See who can dress Botley in the funniest or most surprising outfit. Just be sure not to cover up Botley’s top or front sensors!


Message in a Botley

Write a secret message on a piece of paper and place it in Botley’s hands. Then, code Botley to bring the message to a friend. Have them write a message of their own and code Botley to bring it back to you!

Break It Down

Botley is a super strong robot! Using toy construction blocks, can you build a tower strong enough to withstand Botley? Build the wall or tower, then code Botley to try to knock it down.

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