With more features, more coding, and more fun, Botley 2.0 comes with everything your little ones need to begin their screen-free coding journey. After they’ve mastered their coding basics with Botley’s included activities and accessory set, they can discover even more fun ways to code with our free set of exclusive online coding activities. In this post, we’re exploring Botley’s fun coding games that get kids playing and thinking at the same time!

Freeze Dance

Enter CODE BY COLOR mode, and program a long code sequence of 60+ steps for Botley – the longer the sequence, the better! Try different colors to create a wild light show. Then, press Transmit and dance along with Botley. When the music stops, FREEZE and stop dancing. Anyone still dancing is out!


Botley Escape Room

Recreate a room in your house using construction blocks and other objects. Then, place Botley in the room and plan your code so Botley can escape! For a challenge, set a timer, go to the real room, and see who can escape the quickest!

Botley Curling

Cut out paper “targets” and place them on the floor about 12 feet in front of Botley. Now take turns coding Botley to get as close to the inner circle as possible. Use the following point system:

* Blue Ring = 10 points

* White Ring = 20 Points

* Red Ring = 50 points

After everyone gets 3 tries, add up the totals and see who won!

Botley Rodeo 

Get a small action figure or doll and place it on top of Botley. Then, code Botley to move around the room. See how far you can go before your “rodeo rider” falls off!


Spin the Botley 

Play this with a small group. Place Botley on the ground, and press Right Turn several times (the more, the better, but make it at least 10+). Then, press Transmit. When the spinning stops, whomever Botley is pointing to needs to stand up and tell a joke, sing a song, or do a dance!

Download our full online activity list for more than 50 fun, free ways to code!

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