Once the signs of fall begin, there are so many fun activities you can do in the classroom or at home with leaves. Best part, leaves are FREE! Here are some ways to make use of leaves while they are falling from the trees this autumn season.

Collecting Leaves

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- bag of leaves

First things first, you need to collect your leaves! This is my favorite thing to do once signs of fall begin and leaves are everywhere to be found. Grab a recycled box or paper bag, go outside, and collect! If you are doing these activities with your class at school, you can have students bring in leaves from home to get a wide variety of different shapes and colors.

Leaf Sorting Activities 

Once you are able to collect enough leaves, you can have kids sort them a few different ways depending on their skill levels.

Sorting Leaves by Color

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- color activity

I love showing kids how many different colors the leaves change. Use different colors of paper and have kids sort the leaves by color. If you’re lucky, you’ll have some purple in the pile!

Sorting Leaves by Size or Shape

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- big and small

Another way to sort your leaves is by size. I did this activity with my three year old, so we kept it simple by sorting big and little leaves. You can extend this by doing three sizes (small, medium, large) or you can have kids sort the leaves by their shape/kind.

Leaf Process Art Activities

Now that you’ve done some math with your leaf collection, let’s do some fun and easy process art! Each of these activities only requires one or two more supplies you probably already have on hand.

Leaf Printmaking

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- leaf painting

Materials needed:



-White paper

-Extra paper for smoothing over prints

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- leaf colors

Directions: Roll out newspaper or kraft paper to cover the table/floor. Have kids paint the leaf, place it on the paper, cover the paper with another sheet and smooth over several times. Once ready, “peel” away the paper and the leaf to see your print.

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- leaf stamping

Leaf Silhouette Picture

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- orange, yellow, red

Materials needed:

-White paper


-Paint Daubers/Dot Markers


Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- leaves spread out

Directions: Tape down leaves onto white paper. Carefully paint the entire picture. Allow dry time. Peel away the leaves to see their silhouettes.

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- leaf dots

Process Art Trees

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- tree with leaves

Materials needed:

-Dried Leaves (crumpled up)

-White paper


-Brown Paper (tree trunk)

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- tree stump

Directions: Roll out newspaper or kraft paper to cover the table/floor. Glue the tree trunk onto the white background. Glue down crumpled leaves to the tree and on the bottom of the paper (ground). Allow plenty of dry time.

Fun & Easy Leaf Activities- tree craft

Leaves can provide so many learning opportunities with your kids! With these leaf activities, children aren’t only learning about the fall season, they are working on basic math skills such as sorting by an attribute, fine motor skills, and following directions. Happy leaf hunting!

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