Looking for an activity that will keep your children engaged in learning while playing at home? Look no further! The Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas by Learning Resources make learning a snap!

As the summer continues on, many parents of little ones have their hands full. Most summer camps have been canceled; family vacations might have been put on hold. If, as a result, you have found yourself looking for ways to keep children busy at home, why not try some fun and educational activities?

When we opened the package of Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas, my five year old was enthralled! Llamas are an appealing choice for childrens toys, and my daughter was so excited to dive in!

We started off with a couple of simple sorting and matching activities but it certainly did not stop there! Here are some of the many learning areas we explored while playing with our Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas:


Fine motor development is an important part of early childhood. The Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas are perfectly sized for little hands, giving them a chance to strengthen those finger and hand muscles. Designed for ages 18m+, the two pieces pop apart and push back together with ease, helping little ones build hand strength, coordination, and other essential fine motor skills every time they play.


Each Letter Llama is a vibrant shade of orange, green, purple or blue, making it very fun and appealing to children of all ages. Toddlers and preschoolers will especially enjoy using the Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas to help them with early color recognition and matching! Children can sort by color and then name the colors one by one, reinforcing those essential skills.


For older preschoolers, learning the difference between uppercase and lowercase can be a challenge, but these Letter Llamas make it fun! Children can practice uppercase and lowercase letter matching every time they mix and match the Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas. Each of this set’s 13 two-piece llamas comes with uppercase and lowercase letters on each side of their saddles, which gives children a fun, hands-on way to learn their letter matching skills.

An additional letter recognition activity that we thought of was lining up the Letter Llamas all in a row, in order to make an “L” shape with them! Fun!


To reinforce one-to-one correspondence skills, families can practice counting all of the Letter Llamas together, pointing to each one as you say each number word aloud. Another idea is to sort the Letter Llamas by color, and practice recognizing which group as the “most” and which has the “least” amount in it!

These Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas are not only a fun and appealing toy for children, but also a great tool with which to practice many early childhood educational skills. We could have spent much more time brainstorming additional activities to use with these amazingly adorable Snap-n-Learn Letter Llamas, and I’m sure you will too!