Tips for Two (or More!)

Let me preface by throwing it out there that I am still learning myself every day. I am simply a mom of two and a former educator sharing what is working in hopes of helping other busy, tired mamas out there!

Since the birth of my second child, life has gotten a little crazy around here. However, several things have kept this ship sailing smoothly.

1.     Expect less-

This one was (and still is) very hard for me. I have learned that expecting less out of the day helps you be happier with how the day unfolds. Think of it this way; if you have a laundry list of expectations of what you want to get done for the day on top of keeping tiny humans alive, you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you don’t get to everything. If your expectation is solely to take care of your children—feeding, dressing, bathing, and playing, you will do just that. Then, anything else you get done as a super mom (laundry, organizing, making appointments, working out, etc.) can be seen as a bonus! Yes, this is just a mindset thing, but it has helped me out. You might think you “got nothing done,” but if you took care of your babies, you did A LOT, and you should be proud!

2.     Basic Needs-

It is crazy to think I even have to write this, but I think most new moms (and veteran moms) would agree that having littles makes it very challenging to take care of yourself. However, to be the best mom you can be, it is important that you feel good yourself. I have learned this to be especially true as a nursing mom. If I don’t properly nourish my body with nutrient-dense foods or hydrate with copious amounts of water, I feel run down and sluggish ALL DAY. I have always said that (in my opinion) the best thing you can give a new mom is food and time to take a hot shower. When I am fed and clean, I feel better (and look better too!), which inevitably helps me to be better at my job as a mom!

3.     Keeping the toddler BUSY-

If only we as moms had half the energy our toddlers have, our days would be a breeze! Keeping my toddler busy with new and exciting activities has been the BEST way to give proper attention to my infant when I need to.  Our favorite ways to do this are:

·      Through toy rotations- we usually rotate through toys every week so that they stay interesting. However, we do keep toys around that are high-interest toys. The coming and going of toys overall helps keep your child busy and makes old toys like new again!

·      Through learning activities that make them think! We recently received the Smart Snacks Count ‘Em Up Popcorn Set and the All Ready for Toddler Time Readiness Kit from Learning Resources. These are great products for hands-on, engaging activities to provide your child with that also focus on many developmentally appropriate skills.

o   Smart Snacks Count ‘Em Up Popcorn set: number identification, oral counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number sense.

o   All Ready for Toddler Time Readiness kit: number identification, one-to-one correspondence, verbal counting, shape identification, letter identification, vocabulary building, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, matching, and sorting.

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