No better phrase fits the 2020-2021 school year than “different strokes for different folks”! Whether your family has chosen in-person, virtual or homeschool learning, we know that it wasn’t an easy decision for your family. If you have chosen home-schooling for this year, this post may help provide some organization inspiration as your kitchen table becomes the classroom.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or are looking to up your organization skills, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite tips that we hope will help you ease into this school year feeling prepared.

Find a consistent spot for homeschool.

Consistency is key! Studies show that having a place dedicated to working helps the brain focus its attention to the task at hand. While it may not be feasible to convert an entire room to homeschooling, creating a workstation at the kitchen or dining room table will help your child focus on schoolwork with limited distraction. The Create-a-Space Bundle is a great all–in-one way to easily store all of your homeschool supplies. The magnetic, sealable pouches can store manipulatives for counting or letter practice while the circular tray can house writing utensils, markers, glue sticks and any other items needed quickly and easily. The circular tray can also be picked up quickly at the end of your school day so your table can serve dinner. Pulling these items out at the beginning of each school day will create a routine and help your child’s brain switch from kitchen table to desk.

Color code.

Easily track and locate different work by color coding. Not only will this help make your home school a bit more colorful and fun, it will help both you and your child to organize work by color. The Write & Wipe Pockets are great for being eco-friendly too! Reuse worksheets by sliding them into these dry-erase pockets and fit in with your color coordination. Color coding is also really helpful if you have more than one child learning at home. Having a distinction between work for different children, subjects or days can help you as an educator and parent locate work or items more easily.

Make sure everything has a place.

Just like socks and shoes have a designated spot in your home, so should school work. Rather than letting papers pile up and get lost, figure out a filing system that works for you that ensures everything school-related has a place. Repurposing plastic bins, bookshelves or magazine holders are a great way to get started with figuring out a system using items you already have in your home. Don’t forget about items like  dry erase markers and your supplies! This Magnetic Whiteboard Storage Pocket is easy to stick on your dry erase board so that your items don’t always end up in your child’s supply bin.

Get creative with how you store items.

You don’t have to dedicate an entire room in your house to homeschooling to make it work! Think of creative ways to store items that will not be used after your school day ends. Are there places you can hang items, rather than lay them down? What can be folded up and tucked away? Are there items in your house that can be repurposed for storing homeschool material? While it can be daunting to think about, we promise that homeschool materials do not have to take over your life! One recommendation is adding zip ties to the end of pointers, rulers or other items that have a hole to them. Hang these up using magnetic hooks to make them easy to locate while still being out of the way.

Similar to how we all faced quarantine, we’re all in this new and likely challenging school year together, even if that looks different to everyone! What are your tips for home school organization?