Mysterious Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth, in search of science adventures.

And your child is just the one to join them! The chemical reaction between a Reactor Pod and the Liquid Reactor Super Lab magically reveals an adorable alien inside every pod! It is a great way to introduce your little collector to the super-cool world of chemistry in a playful way.

Great, right? Even better, you can turn this STEM learning experience into the perfect STEAM activity by adding a bit of arts & crafts and pretend play fun!

Each Beaker Creature belongs to a specific species and environment. Once your little one has uncovered their creature, encourage them to examine its unique characteristics (number of legs, antennae, eyes, tentacles, and wings). Then compare their notes to the included identification cards to find out which Beaker Creature they’ve got!

Beaker Creature Identification DIY

Visit the Beaker Creature website to read a bit about the creature’s environment, then put on your crafty caps and think about how you might create a custom playset for that creature using things you already have around the house!

We built one of the environments (Green Space) for an example:


Beaker Creatures

These itty-bitty buggies live in Green Space and love trees, grass, and plants. Can you create a shoebox forest with a cardboard box and construction paper? Or flip through your magazines for forest scenes, cut and glue a backdrop, and lay a carpet of green leaves?

First, get scissors and a shoebox!

DIY Beaker Creature Home

Next, make the forest floor with green paper.

DIY Beaker Creatures Home

Add trees and leaves (from the outside) to make it really come to life!

DIY Beaker Creatures Home

DIY Beaker Creatures Home

Add your Beaker Creatures to their new home and let the fun begin!

DIY Beaker Creatures Home



Here are more fun ideas for the other Beaker Creatures environments!


The Oceanites spend their days underwater, swimming, exploring coral reefs, and snoozing in underwater caverns. If you’ve got a water table, today’s the day to use it!  Fill it with painted tin foil coral, sea shells, and strips of green trash bag sea weed. No water table? No problem! Set out a casserole dish and fill it half way with water and make a home for the water Beaker Creatures.

Beaker Creatures


These starry-eyed sweeties live in Starus, an outer-space world with multiple moons, meteors, stars, and other fun space phenomena. Create your own Astrolyte observatory in a Mason Jar, complete with glittering walls and dangling stars!

Beaker Creatures


Snow-white Frostonians live in a chilly winter wonderland made of snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes. Recreate their brrr…illiant home by gluing some batting (pillow stuffing) or stretched cotton balls to a cookie tin covered with foil. If you’re super crafty, consider creating a painted papier mache mountain using strips of newspaper, flour, and water. Add a cotton ball snowman and don’t forget the ice cube slide!

Beaker Creatures


These dusty friends stomp and play in the desert, surrounded by piles of rocks and rusty red mountains. Recreate this hot area in your own sandbox, filled with pebbles and rocks, or make a more permanent playset by coating a sheet of card stock with a thin layer of glue and sprinkling with sand. Create a mountain range made of painted red rocks and add a tumbleweed out of glue-dipped twine wrapped around a small balloon.

Beaker Creatures

Whichever environment you choose to create, remember to make it large enough for other Beaker Creatures – there are six creatures to collect in every species!

Beaker Creatures