As a School-Based therapist, I aim to incorporate all of the holidays into my sessions with the students I work with.  One of my favorite activities for Mother’s Day is a craft activity coupled with pretend play that embeds tons of developmental skills.

I work mostly with students in special education at the pre-k through elementary levels. New Sprouts Grow It! Flower toy is the perfect tool to teach a child about flowers while incorporating a ton of developmental skills:

  • Motor planning: figuring out how to put in/take out each piece
  • Sequencing: planning out what step goes first in growing a flower
  • Bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together): holding the pot while placing the flower in
  • Fine motor: manipulating the pieces in their hands
  • Visual-motor: placing the pieces correctly into the pots
  • Socialization: working with a friend to create the flower
  • Counting: counting the pieces, flowers, pots
  • Colors: naming the colors of the pieces

After learning how to grow a flower (while warming up our hands and eyes), we transition into a color, cut, glue craft. Students color the petals, stem, and leaves.  They then cut out the pieces and, finally, glue them together to create a flower.

For older students who are working on copying letters and words, I place a sample sentence on the board for them to copy onto their paper to mount it to the flower craft and create a handwritten card!

Link to flower craftivity