Learning Resources offer so many great products which aim to develop children’s sorting skills. In this blog we are sharing our top five, as well as how we love to play with them.

Stacking Shapes Pegboard™

This truly is a timeless classic. At the age of two my daughter focused on simply placing the pegs into the board which was great for her fine motor skill development. As she has gotten older, she has expanded her play to focus on sorting the pegs by shape and color.

I like that this sorting toy also has the added dimension of building and balancing the pieces because they can be stacked. My little one enjoys seeing how high she can build a shape stacking tower before it tumbles down. This has added a simple element of numeracy as well.

Sorting Surprise Pirate Treasure

This one really captures my 3 year old’s attention. What kid doesn’t love a treasure chest filled with secret treasure and coins! The treasure chests have corresponding shape keys which are easy to use for little hands. My daughter loved finding the hidden treasure inside each chest and it prompted lots of conversation and imaginative play.

This sorting product is a good one because of the element of surprise and the small world play that it promotes. Using the keys requires fine motor skill development, as well as posting the coins. There are also different numbers of each color coin which led to some fun numeracy work.

Rainbow Sorting Crayons

This is such a fun sorting product! Each colorful crayon tube contains six color themed items for the child to explore. Learning Resources have done a great job of making these items interesting and appealing for kids. Some are food themed, some are animal themed, there’s even a pair of blue glasses too.

The Rainbow Sorting Crayons led to so much fun conversation and sensory exploration. We spoke about textures, colors, shapes and sizes and were hands on with the items throughout. The larger size of this product is also really fun. My little one even tried pretending to color with the huge crayons!

Birds in a Nest Sorting Set

If your child likes animals then this is perfect for them. My daughter got to work carefully sorting the ‘mama birds’ and ‘baby birds’ into their correct nests. As she did so she was pretending to make them chirp and fly. She would count them into the nest and would sometimes pretend that they had flown to the wrong home before redirecting them.

With this sorting set I usually put out a few fine motor tools such as our Primary Science Jumbo Tweezers® and Squeezy Tweezers®. This encourages her to move the birds around with different tools which leads to problem solving and working her hand muscles in different ways.

All About Me Sort & Match Houses

The All About Me Family Counters® have been a favorite loose part of ours for years. Add in these adorable little sorting houses and we are away for hours! My daughter spends ages sorting the counters into color and type groups before deciding which houses each group will live in. She also sends them on playdates to each other’s houses!

This set in particular has led to lots of numeracy work. She will often see how many counters she can fit in one house which encourages her to count aloud and understand the concept of addition.

All of these sorting products have been great additions to our play space to include in our toy rotation system. Sorting has so many benefits as already discussed, but one of the greatest advantages is that many of these products often lead to awesome imaginative role play and small world play.