Often, my kids delve deep into creative, imaginative play. It just takes one toy and an idea for the windows of possibility open.

Doctor SetThe importance of imaginative play for healthy child development is well documented. It boosts language and develops awareness in kids that other people have different ideas and perspectives, which is a great foundation for developing empathy.

Playing with a doctor’s set gives kids new a launching point for imaginative play that also helps them practice social, life and leadership skills.

That smile says it all. My daughters loved being the doctor and the Pretend & Play Doctor Set is perfect for this type of imaginative play.

The laminated name tag makes sharing and taking turns easy. It’s simple to write and erase children’s names with a whiteboard marker.

Social skills come to life

In our regular, daily life, learning social cues like being polite, listening to others and taking turns is hard work! This is where playing with a doctor kit made a real difference. While the girls played, they had fun and practiced these important social and life skills without even knowing it. I was surprised how long their attention spans lasted and how courteous and patient they were playing together.

Doctor Set

Each person had a turn being the doctor and the patient. Visual cues like the doctor’s lab coat, name tag, and a case full of equipment, provided just the right amount of structure and focus for their imaginations to blossom.  

The person playing the patient took their role seriously! They listened carefully to the doctor, answered their questions, and responded to orders with no arguments.

Growing Leaders

When it was a child’s turn to be the doctor, they practiced their leadership skills. They took charge, established the scenario and commanded the process with confidence.

Okay, now it’s time to check your heart. What about your temperature? You need to move your arm over here. I will look in your ear now. Now you need a band-aid.

Those were just a few of the conversations I overheard as the girls played together.

Doctor Set

Learning the body and its systems

A doctor’s kit also offers plenty of fun and natural moments to gain a deeper understanding of the human body. Where is a person’s heart? How does the blood pressure monitor work (and what is blood pressure?) How can we check a person’s temperature and how do you know when someone has a fever?

These were some of the questions that came up and we took the opportunity to talk about each one.

The sky is the limit

When my younger daughter was ready to move onto a different activity, my oldest daughter took the opportunity to be the doctor for her stuffed animals.  

You just never know where imaginative play will lead! Where will a doctor’s kit take your kids?

Doctor Set