In its simplest form, a scavenger hunt is a problem solving game. Consider hide and seek. The problem? Someone is lost, hiding, or out of sight. The solution? Search until they’re found. Not only do scavenger hunts pose age-appropriate challenges for children, but they also make kids aware of their surroundings. In an otherwise ordinary household, parents can challenge their kids to search for everything beginning with the letter B. Suddenly the everyday environment has become an interactive game. Those creating scavenger hunts can add academic challenges as well, such as testing knowledge of colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.

Check out the free scavenger hunts Learning Resources has to offer:

Fine Motor Scavenger Hunt

Teach children to recognize all the ways fine motor skills are used in their everyday lives. They probably don’t realize how often they use fine motor skills!


Puzzles and Games Scavenger Hunt

Games are a great way to teach and learn, and they also encourage children to follow a set of instructions and play fairly. Have children test out the different games that are available around the house!


Math Scavenger Hunt

Let kids find all the ways they use math everyday. From counting money to identifying shapes, they can practice their math skills in this scavenger hunt.

Money Scavenger Hunt

Financial literacy is an important skill that children can learn at home. Talk about value, money symbols, and making change as kids have fun with money.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a nature hunt on your daily walk with children. They can identify everything from spiderwebs to dandelions as they check off the different items on this list.

Letter Scavenger Hunt

Turn your house into a scavenger hunt as kids search for letters. Take their learning to the next level as they search for sounds or words that begin with a certain letter.