Make your own indoor shining stars fun!

Space. Stars. NASA. Astronauts. Moon landings. Spaceships. If any of these terms are major buzzwords in your house, feed your child’s natural curiosity with as much astro-centric info you possibly can. Unlocking the heavens for them is easy with the Shining Stars Projector – a take-it-with-you planetarium. Right out of the box, it is easy to hold and easy to explore. Let’s get this light going!

Star Projector Star Projector Star Projector

Pop in the batteries and watch the discovery begin. There are three discs that serve as slides, each labeled by number with a key in the manual. The discs are easy for little fingers to pull in and out.

Soon everything in your house becomes a possible projectable surface. That beam of light sparks imagination and space exploration!

Why not make your own planetarium at home? We grabbed an old play tent, a dark throw from the couch as a backdrop, and some pillows from the bed to make a super cozy dome of learning right in the living room!

Star Projector

Situating the Shining Stars Projector in the pillows, we shot the beam of the light right in the middle of our screen, held up by clamps from Dad’s workbench.  It was fun for the little ones to adjust the projector to the right angle and change the slides. Can you name all the planets?

Star Projector Star Projector Star Projector

Our planetarium was set up all day, but we couldn’t resist one more viewing before bedtime. There’s always time for one more view of the galaxy!

Happy stargazing!