We do so many different types of sorting trays throughout the year, and it is effortless to keep them fresh and engaging simply by using seasonal materials. This blog will share three simple Easter-themed sorting tray ideas, all featuring our favorite Learning Resources® fine motor tools, and lots of fun and inexpensive Easter materials.

Colorful Bunny Tray Sort

This super cute bunny-shaped egg tray was from Dollar Tree and made for a nifty sorting tray. It works really well just for balancing plastic eggs on and doing little water transfer activities. We, however, decided to use it for a color sorting activity. I put colorful dot stickers on each egg compartment and put out the mini egg and chick erasers of the same colors (from Target). I chose to include the Gator Grabber Tweezers™ as the fine motor tool as they are just the right size for the tiny erasers.

My four-year-old got straight to work matching the blue, pink, and green colors on the erasers to the dot stickers on the tray. Using the Gator Grabber Tweezers added an extra challenge because you have to be patient and manipulate the tweezers to the right angle. For now, we just stuck to using this setup for color sorting, but in the future, it could easily be adapted to include numbers or letters which need to be matched.

Mini Egg Tray Sort

These plastic egg trays are so versatile for sorting activities, and I love how you can fit a bowl perfectly in the middle of it. I got this one from Dollar Tree, and it works well, being clear as it means you can quickly see colors and write on it using a dry erase marker. For this set up I simply added lots of mini foam Easter eggs to the bowls and supplied a pair of Squeezy Tweezers™. I intentionally chose not to label the egg compartments with set colors or numbers as I wanted to allow my preschooler to sort freely.

My daughter loved using the Squeezy Tweezers to scoop up the eggs and then very intentionally chose which compartment to put them in. She decided to mix the colors in the compartments, carefully counting how many she was adding each time. After a while, she decided that she would sort the eggs into little ‘egg pies.’ It prompted lots of pretend kitchen role play and the use of numeracy and literacy skills to describe her sorting decisions.

Bunny and Carrot Hide and Seek Basket

Do you ever use a hide-and-seek theme for your sorting trays? This can be an enjoyable way to peak engagement levels. I used an Easter basket and filled it with Easter grass. I hid little bunny erasers (from Dollar Tree) and tiny carrot erasers (from Target). I provided my preschooler with a set of Primary Science® Jumbo Tweezers™ and asked her to search for the bunnies and their carrots. She thought this was very exciting and was thrilled to find each bunny and carrot buried in the grass. She took a moment to feed each bunny a carrot as she found them.

As she found the bunnies and carrots, I encouraged her to sort them into the two little buckets I had provided (from Dollar Tree). She then carefully counted her findings, and we spoke about the concept of more and less. She discovered that there were more carrots than there were bunnies. The great thing about this type of sorting tray is that you can easily repeat the whole process. She enjoyed hiding all of the bunnies and carrots, ready for me to find and rescue the second time around.

It is incredible how using seasonal trays and materials can breathe so much excitement into sorting activities. The combination of a seasonal tray, some fun-themed loose parts, and, of course, a few Learning Resources fine motor tools is such a winner!