Planning your next trip? There are plenty of destinations in each state where family fun and learning meet! Please be sure to follow all state and local public health guidance while visiting. We also suggest researching Covid related restrictions and closings at all locations before you travel.  

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While in Alaska, your family will be drawn to all the wonders that nature has to offer. If you choose to visit between Late August and April, be sure to look up in the night sky for a view of the greatest natural light show on Earth: The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.  Alaska Native traditions say that the green glowing lights are dancing spirits. According to scientists, it is caused by particles entering the atmosphere from solar winds.  Whatever the reason, make sure not to miss this amazing show. It will be visible everywhere in the state but is usually best seen from the Interior and Arctic regions. Some hotels will even offer a Northern Lights wake-up call to let you know when they are making an appearance. You can find the forecast for the aurora here.  

Alaska is also the place to be for wildlife seekers. Some of the most majestic creatures on the earth call this state home. This is a great opportunity to talk about animal species and the different climates and terrains they call home. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage is a sanctuary dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through conservation, education, research, and quality animal care. Visitors can either walk or drive a 1.5-mile loop through the park. During your trip, you might see brown bears, bull moose strutting, bison, and more! 

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With a focus on educational and interactive programs, Sea Life Park in Oahu is small enough to enjoy on foot but diverse enough to be a full-day destination. Dolphin experiences let guests of all ages get up close and frolic with dolphins. Children and adults alike adore the sea lions and green sea turtles, all of which can be fed.  A “hidden gem” of the Park is the Hawaiian Ray Encounter, during which you will be allowed to touch the wings of giant, gentle stingrays and feed tropical fish. And if you dare, don a helmet and descend into a 300,000-gallon tank with hammerhead and reef sharks. 

The relationship between Hawaiian culture and the universe is showcased through a colorful variety of displays and interactive exhibits at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii. They offer an immersive Hawaiian journey through time and space, with interactive exhibits, a leading-edge full-dome planetarium, an award-winning landscape of native Hawaiian plants, and a restaurant with views of Hilo Bay. 

The Polynesian Cultural Center is Hawaii’s #1 visitor attraction, has 6 island villages representing the unique island cultures of Hawaii, Fiji, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga. Set on 42 acres along Oahu’s North Shore, the Polynesian Cultural Center has a lagoon that hosts daily canoe tours and an exciting cultural Canoe Pageant. The Ali’i Luau takes guests on a journey to learn about Hawaii’s royalty while enjoying traditional Polynesian food and entertainment.