Add a bit of fun to your own family’s holiday break with six of our favorite games for kids or save this list for great, last-minute gift-ideas for the little game lovers on your holiday shopping list. Save the Date: December 20th is National Games Day!

Best Game for Animal Lovers:

Little animal lovers mix and match peg pieces on the soft foam board to create crazy barnyard creations like a duck-cow or pig-goat. With 24 pieces, the mixed-up, fun-making ends – and little ones are practicing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, counting, sorting, and more as they make their own critter creations with the Peg Friends® Stacking Farm. Ages 2+.

Best Game for Wiggle Worms:

The active kids on your list will love Smart Toss™, the four-in-one classic beanbag toss game! Kids toss the beanbags through the holes, then up their games by matching colors, shapes, and numbers, too. With four different game boards that attach easily to the base and 12 colorful beanbags, this game is a great gift for families with multiple kids. Ages 3+.

Best Game for Green Thumbs:

The little ones on your list can grow a garden full of new skills (with none of the mess!) with Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set! Kids dig into five different preschool games using the included spinner, activity cards, and Tri-Grip Tongs to catch, pull, measure, and sort worms from the soft foam board. They’ll also be cultivating color identification, sorting, critical thinking, and early math skills while they play.  Ages 3+.

Best Game for Good Guessers:

The jokesters on your list will be all abuzz for Riddle Moo This™, the silly riddle game for world lovers. Kids listen to three clues, then race to buzz in with one of four adorable animal buzzers when they know the answer. A great way to build vocabulary (and good sportsmanship) while having a barnyard blast! Ages 5+.

Best Game for Puzzle Lovers:

Mental Blox® Go! Features 30 different puzzle challenges for solo or multiple-player fun! Ten different types of puzzles include math challenges, problem solving, imaginative play games, and more. Sixteen puzzle pieces pack perfectly into a travel-friendly case to keep kids busy on planes, trains, and automobiles. Ages 5+.

Best Game for Engineers-in-Training:

Kids put their best-laid plans to test with Create-a-Maze™! Follow the designs on the included activity cards to place colorful, curvy pieces, map a mental path through the maze you built, then tilt the board to guide the ball through your path, around the obstacles, and into the goal.  Ages 5+.

Best Game for Mini Mathematicians:

The quick thinking math-lovers on your list will go bonkers for Head Full of Numbers® Math Game! Dump the head full of dice on the table, then race to come up with as many equations as you can – including answers! – using that set of die. A super fun, fast-action way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, this game grows with kids as they acquire more math skills. Ages 7+.