We teamed up with TherapyWorks for an expert series on products to help children build essential life skills. TherapyWorks helps children thrive by providing high-quality pediatric therapy while making the process easier for parents. Jenny Winberg M.Ed., CCC-SLP, used the New Sprouts® Bake It! with clients to work on their speech skills. Whip up batches of fun with our new Bake it!

Anthony and I used the Learning Resources Bake It! set in speech therapy today. We had a lot of fun working on our L’s during play to talk about Liking or Loving the cookies, eating before or after Lunch, and if we should Lick the batter! We also worked on our “cookie sheet” words to practice while we were baking, while we were scooping cookies up, and while we were using the spatula to scrape them off. It was perfect because we got a lot of practice with the L sound and vocabulary development while having a blast making cookies!

New Sprouts® Bake It!

L Sound Facts: Children typically begin using the L sound around the age of 2 or 3. While children are figuring out a new sound, it is not uncommon for it to “come out wrong” from time to time. The L sound is typically “mastered” or produced the majority of the time correctly when children are 5-years-old. Skills learned: Imaginative Play, Role Play, Fine MotorHand-eye coordination, Early vocabulary/language, and social skills.