We teamed up with TherapyWorks for an expert series on products to help children build essential life skills. TherapyWorks helps children thrive by providing high-quality pediatric therapy while making the process easier for parents. Jen Manabat, MS, OTR/L, shared the many benefits of playing with the New Sprouts Smoothie Maker. It goes beyond a cute product and provides lots of opportunities for early childhood education. The Smoothie Maker helps engage little ones in building language and social skills. Stir up hours of learning play with this pretend blender and fruit set. Kids will learn about good eating habits while they spend endless hours engaged in imaginative role-play.

Manabat used the New Sprouts Smoothie Maker with a 3-year-old client. “She loved picking up and manipulating each of the pieces,” Manabat said, “Putting the pieces into the blender and cup, then taking them out.” Together they worked on effective grasping objects of different sizes and shapes. While using the Smoothie Maker, children will work on:

  • Pincer skills – Turning the knob on the blender.
  • Fine motor skills – To grade the force she uses to put the objects in without them popping out.
  • Visual-spatial and visual-perceptual skills.
  • Visual-motor integration.
  • Bimanual skills – one hand to hold the cup or blender and the other to put the objects in or one hand to stabilize the blender while she reaches in to grab the objects.
  • In-hand manipulation – to move the fruits from her palm to her fingertips.

There are so many educational benefits with the New Sprouts Smoothie Maker. It works on building imagination, role play, social skills, fine motor skills, self-help, vocabulary building, and so much more!