Make learning easier and more peaceful when you organize your homeschool. Here are five tips and tricks tools to help with your homeschool organization so your family can enjoy your homeschool more.

Whether homeschooling is something you have been wanting to do for a while, or a choice you made due to COVID-19, staying organized can make for an easier transition. After all, not only will you be eating, sleeping and living at home, you will now have school to add to the list! It is a lot to juggle, but staying organized can save you money, time and energy, and also make homeschooling life more fun.

Get yourself a homeschool calendar.

One of the perks of homeschooling is that you can go by your very own calendar and are no longer tied to the traditional school year. However, in most cases, children will still need and want to have some sort of school year structure, so having a physical calendar handy that they can reference is a good idea. A calendar can also help plan lessons and map out a curriculum in advance.

Set up dedicated folders, cubbies or shelves for each child.

Kids feel more prepared if they know what is expected of them ahead of time in school, and at home it should be set up similarly. Spend some additional time setting up folders, cubbies or individual spots on some shelves for your children. That way, they know where to go to find their school work. There should be a “place for everything” – both to save your children time and energy with searching for missing assignments, and to save you from losing your sanity.

Create a library book bin.

I have spent more time than I care to admit hunting down my children’s lost library books. The good news is that after many years of frustration, I have finally wizened up. Get yourself some cheap cubby bins (the kind that easily slip onto shelves) and label them with your child’s name. Designate that bin the “library book bin” and make sure books are to be returned to that spot when they are finished reading.

Make a designated space for school records.

Depending on what your state requires, you may need to save portfolios or
cumulative files for longer than the school year. It would be smart to have a
designated space for record keeping. We are not required to do this by law where I live, but I have chosen to keep folders and a binder labeled with each child’s name and that will serve as a portfolio of sorts.

Get yourself a tabletop organizer.

My family loves the Create-a-Space Storage Center from Learning Resources. It is an absolute must-have for any homeschooling family who works around a kitchen or dining room table. A multi-functional space saver, it comes with eight storage containers (plus the center console) that come in and out of the fitted tray. Each removable container comes with an easy-to-hold handle, so children can easily access and grab the materials they need. We love this one because it’s super convenient to have all the needed supplies in one place.

I have found these simple tools have made organizing our family’s homeschool much easier. Regardless of what you choose to do, please know there’s no right method of homeschool organization – but you do need to do it!