Transitioning from the routine-free days of summer back to school full-time can take a toll on kids. Add homework and after school activities to the mix, and you and your kids can quickly end up burnt out and exhausted. A family dance party is the perfect brain break to revive you all… and Learning Resources has the perfect kids dance song playlist to get you all on your feet and moving!

Dance Party

At the End of the Day, Kids Need a Brain Break

On the first day of kindergarten, my daughter’s teacher sent home a note to all the parents indicating what to potentially expect from our children during their first days of school. She said behaviors could vary from “withdrawn to over-excited, and to prepare for emotional outbursts and fatigue.” At back to school night she reiterated those expectations, and recommended the best medicine for kids at the end of the school day be a well-earned brain break.

Top 6 Reasons to Have a Family Dance Party

In our house, our favorite brain break is a family dance party. It immediately changes the tone of the day, and turns everyone’s mood around. It is my go to for the witching hour – the lull between when the little kids wake up from naps or big kids get home from school and dinner time. And as it turns out, family dance parties have amazing educational and cognitive development benefits for kids as well.

Music Leads to Movement

No matter what type of environment you are in – if you turn on some music, people start to move. Try it. And for kids, movement is critical for both their physical development and growth. So after your kids have been sitting for far too many hours at a desk at school, the best medicine is movement. And these kids dance songs are the perfect stimulus to get them moving.

Music Stimulates the Brain

Not only does music stimulate your body to move, it also stimulates your brain. Music, and specifically musical training, has long been shown to be favorable correlated with IQ, improving literacy and even memory.

Music Develops Memory

Ever notice the easiest way to teach young kids is through songs? How did your kids learn their ABCs? The melody and natural rhythm of music develops memory. My mom, as a 30 year early childhood teacher, literally has a song for EVERYTHING, from colors and counting, to the days of the week and months of the year. I still remember the names of the capitols for all the countries in the world from my high school geography class that our teacher taught us by song.Kids Dancing

Music Encourages Listening Skills

The most often repeated phrase in our car? “Turn up the music, Mom!” Kids enjoy listening to music – they want to hear the words, learn them and sing along. And good news. Music encourages your children’s listening skills, a critical skill for academic achievement.

Dancing Allows for Creative Expression

Music and dance are both very freeing forms of non-verbal, creative expression. Ever notice your child has difficulty expressing their emotions or putting their feelings into words? Sometimes giving them a creative outlet – be it through art, music, or dance – can be just what they need to help express themselves.

Dancing Is a Social, Cultural Activity

Music, and by extension dancing, is intrinsic to culture. Styles of dance and music vary over history and different cultures. Expose your child to both through changes in your kids dance songs playlist. Your family dance party doubles as not only a brain break, but an opportunity to teach your kids different styles of dance to learn about different societies, geographies and cultures.

Learning Resources Spotify Playlist


How do you help your kids unwind at the end of long day of school? Play the  Learning Resources playlist for the perfect set of kids dance song to give your family a brain break at the end of a long school day. For more ideas to change the mood in your house, check out 15 Ways to Remove the Grump From Your Day