With more features, more coding, and more fun, Botley 2.0 comes with everything your little ones need to begin their screen-free coding journey. After they’ve mastered their coding basics with Botley’s included activities and accessory set, they can discover even more fun ways to code with our free set of exclusive online coding activities. In this post, Botley’s ready to learn new skills with letters, numbers, and shapes!


Think of a letter of the alphabet, like the first letter of your name. Then, plan out a code for Botley to “build” that letter. Try it for other letters of the alphabet!


Similar to the activity above, you can also code Botley to “build” the numbers 0-9. How many numbers can you “code”?

Word Jumble

Write the letters of your name on separate pieces of paper. Scramble the letters up, then line them up in a row. Then, program Botley to go to each letter in order to spell your name. Scramble the letters again and enter a new program!


Add ‘Em Up!

On a large piece of paper, make a 6×2 grid, and number the spaces 1-12. Then, roll two six-sided dice. Add up the numbers on the dice, then code Botley to get to that number on the grid. Try this with subtraction too!

Botley Squared

Can you code Botley to make the smallest square possible? How about a square twice that size? How about 4x that size? Make the biggest square you can! (Hint: try using the loop feature to create your program).

Enter the Octagon

Once you’ve mastered squares, try the same activity with octagons using Botley’s 45-degree turns. Code the smallest one you can, and work your way up. How big will your biggest octagon get? (Remember: try using the loop feature to create your program).

Download our full online activity list for more than 50 fun, free ways to code!

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