With more features, more coding, and more fun, Botley 2.0 comes with everything your little ones need to begin their screen-free coding journey. After they’ve mastered their coding basics with Botley’s included activities and accessory set, they can discover even more fun ways to code with our free set of exclusive online coding activities. In this post, you’ll find new inspiration for a classic Botley activity: the coding maze!

Back to Square One

Use the tiles included in the set, or create your own with construction paper. Start on the dark blue tile. Code Botley to get to light blue tile, then return back to the dark BLUE tile. Try to do this in the shortest code sequence you can! 

Direct Flight

Use the tiles included in the set, or create your own with construction paper. Start on the light blue tile, and code Botley to get to the finish in the fewest steps.  (Hint: use 45-degree turns to take a short cut and use fewer steps!) 

Traffic Jam!

Make a maze of toy cars or blocks so that it looks like a traffic jam. Then, build a code to get Botley through the traffic without hitting any cars!


Yeltob! (AKA Backwards Botley!)

Using blocks or any other materials, build a maze for Botley. At the start of the maze, turn Botley around try to code your way through the maze backwards. This one’s tricky!

Maze Master

Use construction blocks to build a maze, making sure that Botley can fit through the twists and turns. Then, build your code to get Botley through the maze. Take turns to see who can get through the maze in the fewest number of steps, then design a new one!

Download our full online activity list for more than 50 fun, free ways to code!

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